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04/17/2014 22:48 Megyn Kelly Takes On Jenny McCarthy In A Sexy News Segment (VIDEO)
Poor Demon Spawn.....too stupid and brainwashed to actually use the very search bar he recommended. From Gallop's poll of all the news networks..... 46% are under 50.....48% men, 52% women.

04/17/2014 10:53 Megyn Kelly Takes On Jenny McCarthy In A Sexy News Segment (VIDEO)
McCarthy is a nitwit, but her position hasn't changed and she's not being unreasonable. The problem isn't vaccines, it's the number of them we get, and how many of them are combined. There are real

04/04/2014 01:23 Brendan Eich Didn't Like Gay Marriage, Now He's Unemployed
Yeah RedNeckDipshit.....thank goodness the courts have set the standard that they can over-rule the will of the people any time they feel like it. You know, because judges will always be Liberals, ri

04/04/2014 01:22 Brendan Eich Didn't Like Gay Marriage, Now He's Unemployed
What's really sad is that these Libtards are so stupid (and hypocritical) they don't even realize that the very same Leftist morons who are upset about Prop 8 voted for Obama, who was anti-gay marriag

03/28/2014 21:10 In Russia, You Punch Steven Seagal
I loved him in Beverly Hills Ninja!

03/28/2014 15:36 Cairo Seems Like a Great College Town
And still some douche will comment on an internet site today that Muslims are victims of those evil Christians who are the real enemy (and I'm talking about some white, mama's boy, Liberal douche).

03/27/2014 23:01 Ellen Page Goes Full Lez
But if she's really gay, Kate Mara is definitely the friend to work on.....

03/25/2014 19:05 Kanye West Mentors Teen Girls
She'll be pretty hot once she gets her nose done and finishes her first sex tape......

03/19/2014 17:58 Dr. Drew Joked That Belle Knox's Dad Should Kill Himself (VIDEO)
I've seen her work KGG.....not only is Admiral right, but this chick is flat out unattractive (with no body whatsoeveer). So not only is she full of shit about getting paid for sex being "empowering,

03/19/2014 17:50 Belle Knox Hits the Stripper Pole to Double Down on Feminist Points
Seriously.....what happened to porn that a fugly chick like this with no body can make tens of thousands at it? No wonder we're all scouring the internet for amateur stuf.....

02/14/2014 14:52 Lea Michele Bravely Went For A Run
Lea Michele.....once again the eternal question......Just how hot does her body have to be for you to pretend she doesn't look like that?

02/04/2014 20:43 Miley Cyrus Isn't Disney, Holler, Y'All
I don't know.....I'm a big fan of trailer trash hot. It makes them seem more attainable (and means that they'd be easier to walk away from afterward).

01/31/2014 17:22 I Think Shakira And Rihanna Are Having Sex
This is the same obnoxious tease who JUST said in an interview that she'd never be naked because it was too sexual? Just take your clothes off.....nobody cares about your singing in the first place.

01/27/2014 14:18 Anna Kendrick Was A Big Grammy Winner
Kendrick? You're out of your mind. She is famous for avoiding the douchebaggery of Hollywood narcissists. You don't see her in phony staged paparazzi events, or getting drunk until 4AM and getting

01/20/2014 20:32 Lea Michele Triumphs in a Sports Bra
That is a fugly chick. Seriously, there is nothing about Alexandra Daddario's amazing nude scene from her HBO show last night? Instead we get the Bachelor talking about gay sex and a pic of this hor

01/17/2014 16:58 Ted Nugent Says Harvey Weinstein Is A Nazi
Actually, in this case the comparison is appropriate (albeit in bad taste due to Weinstein's heritage). Nugent didn't compare him to a nazi soldier or Hitler (as Liberals do pretty much every day),

01/01/2014 18:41 Sean Penn Now Getting Into Charlize Theron
That's Charlize Theron? I think I'm going to be sick.....

12/19/2013 00:43 GLAAD's Got a Hard On For Duck Dynasty
"Dyke Dynasty"......LOL, that's freaking brilliant! Kudos Lex, that was about the best writing I've seen you do up to now. Couldn't agree more. Grow up and grow a pair you whiny PC bitches......

12/11/2013 23:55 Chris Hemsworth's Wife Is On the Jealous Side
Yeah, she was in the wrong country when they did the reshoot, but don't let that stand in the way of your journalistic excellence.

12/07/2013 01:54 Suri Cruise Has a Twitchy Middle Finger
I hate to break this to you Lex, but it's insanely creepy to be posting pictures of little children.....especially on a site known for showing nudity. Seriously, you need a different hobby.