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02/26/2014 19:29 Marc Anthony Pays A Lot Of Fucking Child Support
Your name is Jack and you'd let him spray his litter in your birth canal? Are you a transexual Jack? ...and like a transexual, this website doesn't know wtf it is anymore....

10/25/2013 11:24 Batman's Looking Pretty Jacked
1 or 2 comments per post. Now do you believe that this site is a pile of shit?

08/26/2013 11:16 Selena Gomez Picked A Great Dress For The VMAs
If this is all you got from the awards, then you apparently didn't pay attention to Miley Cyrus. Once again, this site sucks.

06/04/2013 13:28 How Are You Not Watching Nicole Richie on AOL?
This proves it, Lex has a goddamn vagina to post something so stupid as this.

05/22/2013 12:50 Olivia Munn Looks Really Fucking Good
Jesus H, So we've decided then? You're a bunch of azz pirates who sit at home on your computer and beat off to pictures of Leo. If any of you were screwing hot babes, you wouldn't be here talking

05/17/2013 11:53 Maxim Fucked Up But They Won't Admit It
Seriously, how do these writers have phucking jobs???

05/14/2013 15:05 Xenia Deli Models Lingerie
This site is a ghosttown.

05/14/2013 14:10 Hayden Panettiere In A Bikini
Sandy Duncan? WTF is writing these posts? The members of a retirement home????

05/07/2013 18:16 Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom DVD Giveaway

05/07/2013 15:15 Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom DVD Giveaway
I'd rather pay X2 instead of getting it free from you douchnozzles.

05/07/2013 11:36 Thank God For Kate Upton
This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. Jesus H.

04/25/2013 15:38 Gwyneth Paltrow Isn't Just Beautiful, She's the Most Beautiful Fucking Creature Ever!!!!
What's your point?

04/24/2013 15:19 Snooki Is Still Doing Her Thing
Why? WTF is the point of this post and who comes to this site for posts like this??????

04/19/2013 15:28 Just Ending for One Boston Bomber (Gory Death Photo)
I just checked out the last 10 posts...How is there anyone still here? ALL OF YOU SUCK AND HAVE TURNED THIS SITE TO UTTER SHITE!

04/18/2013 13:16 'Chas' Takes Home the Devil's Gold
How about who phucking cares cause this site is done.

04/16/2013 11:44 Banner Contest Voting Time
WHy don't they just close this site? Best Idea Yet!

04/15/2013 11:47 Victoria Justice Was 'Hacked' In Time For Her New Album
Cause, you know, these GD hacks can't find a photo to save their phucking lives, but they'll write a 10 page article about it. Retards.

04/10/2013 18:19 Candice Swanepoel Sells More Swimsuits Than Miranda Kerr
Seriously, if it wasn't for the habit, phuck this place....and thanks for censoring my last post azzclowns!

04/10/2013 15:40 Diddy is Plowing Kate Upton
This is all bullshit, just like this piece of shit website.

04/05/2013 17:54 Halle Berry Pregnant Because Why the Fuck Not
Just dropped in to see how this shitty website was doing...yep...still shit!.