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05/20/2009 09:39 Kelly Brook is photogenic
She looks like Jennifer Garner with big tits. Not such a bad thing. The tits part, at least. /Looks at tits again. I think I love her.

05/18/2009 05:42 When the hell did this happen
My woody says hello to these pics.

05/15/2009 06:55 What an amazing achievement
More pics of Holly Madison please. /sarcasm

05/13/2009 12:13 Cindy Crawford is ... uhh ...
She's tubby. Nothing a little photoshop magic can't fix.

05/13/2009 11:10 Holly is doin Russell Brand

05/11/2009 15:45 Aww what the hell
I'm having a lot of trouble getting my mind off that last pic.

05/11/2009 06:26 The worlds greatest dress
She looks incredibly uncomfortable in that dress. She should take it off.

05/08/2009 16:49 Gee I wonder who leaked these
I would most certainly hit that, and I don't mean in "hit" in the Chris Brown sense of the word.

05/06/2009 15:47 Please keep your voices down
And I'm being literal about the "fuck her" thing. If nobody else wants to do it I will.

05/06/2009 15:46 Please keep your voices down
Fuck this red headed bitch.

05/05/2009 14:41 This is freakin me out
She has a belly dick. That's fucking weird,

05/04/2009 13:56 megan fox is underutilized
Oh snap! There are black people on this board! That's hella tight son.

05/04/2009 13:05 Please dont do that Kate Moss
You know though. I would hit it. Both of them.

05/04/2009 13:02 megan fox is underutilized
Then I would cream my pants.

05/04/2009 13:02 megan fox is underutilized
If I woke up next to that I would probably shit my pants.

05/04/2009 08:41 Kelly Ripa is a hot bitch
I'm less disturbed by her titlessness than I am by her having more muscle definition than me. And I actually go the gym pretty regularly. Maybe I should try putting more than 10 pounds on the bench

05/04/2009 08:33 Kelly Ripa is a hot bitch
I would no doubt slam her in the ass, but I think she's gone a little too far in buffing out her bod. Just a little too muscular for me.

05/04/2009 08:31 Kelly Ripa is a hot bitch
Well what do you know...Kelly is ripped-uh.

05/01/2009 13:09 they paid for her implants?
They have expensive burritos that make you throw up. It's an awesome place to eat!

05/01/2009 13:02 they paid for her implants?
The last time I went to Baja Fresh I got food poisoning.