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04/29/2009 07:22 oh stfu people magazine
JTT, if your browser supports it you can scroll over the avi and there will be a little popup of who it is... I think there were originally names on the posts last night (judging by Chubb's comment

04/29/2009 06:51 wait, who the hell is that?
Pepper, yes - I can read your email when I mouse over your avi. Why I'm going to tell you this I have no idea, go to your profile page and there is a an option (the 5th box down where you can selec

04/29/2009 06:38 wait, who the hell is that?
The site administration probably isn't in the writer's control. Let's cut him some slack on that. If you're really bothered by the new site, contact Fat Penguin.

04/29/2009 06:30 wait, who the hell is that?
LNOJ, the user name is actually the original email address your registered with (don't know why sites don't get the semantics right with user name vs. email address).

04/29/2009 05:21 more distractions
Let's see how this new site works...

04/28/2009 13:27 finally, the video
JTT, and I'm out of Scotch. We definitely have similar problems.

04/28/2009 13:03 finally, the video
DD, there's just something about her voice that sounds like it could physically grate metal. A friend inflicted a YouTube video of her singing live (unprocessed)... then I woke up a few hours later bl

04/28/2009 12:55 finally, the video
What's wrong with her voice? It makes me want to hurt people!

04/28/2009 10:56 hef wants holly back
DB, apparently I missed the memo too...

04/28/2009 10:51 hef wants holly back
Nice avi Watt.

04/27/2009 18:57 mels woman might be pregnant
Rokan, it's not looking good for your Spurs. But I think they'll probably win Tuesday night - they don't strike me as the kind that would lay down and give up in front of the home crowd.

04/24/2009 13:54 thats not how you do it
Chubb, I'm conflicted about Katy Perry myself... you get a pass... for now...

04/24/2009 11:30 afternoon headlines
Am I the only one who's afraid that Tila Tequila and her big eyed gray alien friends are going to beam me up to their spaceship in the middle of the night and perform ghastly experiments on me?

04/24/2009 09:09 britney forgot something
I'm going to be the devil's advocate for a moment... There might not be a budget to license the good stories. Notice that lately they've been recycling a lot of the same pictures and more stories bas

04/24/2009 09:01 britney forgot something
Now that's just awful.

04/24/2009 08:57 lindsay weighs 95 pounds
Lora, what country is that? (it's This Calling by All That Remains, best turn the sound down in the beginning if you should ever want to listen to it)

04/24/2009 08:53 lindsay weighs 95 pounds
In response to Rokan, here's my favorite song:

04/24/2009 08:09 lindsay weighs 95 pounds
You have to admire a doctor who can make such a precise and unsolicited diagnosis from a photograph.

04/23/2009 20:07 salma hayek might be cool
Rokan, that's right you're sequestered up there in Chi-town. Manu's been hurt a lot the past season (ankle), only played in 44 games if I remember correctly. When it was announced a couple of weeks a

04/23/2009 19:49 salma hayek might be cool
Rokan, it was not pretty for Spurs fans tonight. Ouch, Spurs scored 16 in the 1st, 14 in the 2nd, 12 in the 3rd... With Manu, out the series is up for grabs.