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03/13/2013 09:24 Claudia Romani Flashing Her Butt Cheeks in Miami
Um excuse me no name whore? Your ass is hanging out. I know this seems like a good way to make a living but you really just look gross cheap and pathetic. So I guess celeb buzz hired a bunch of ego

03/04/2013 12:57 Kate Upton Has A Doppelganger
No comments, no comments, 2 comments, 7 comments over the entire weekend!! Aka THIS NEW WRITER SUCKS and wwtdd is going down the tubes. Good job celebuzz killing off your own website.

02/15/2013 15:07 BREAKING NEWS: Rihanna smokes weed
lucky bitch now THAT is a bouquet.

02/04/2013 18:40 Jennifer Lawrence's dress did not rip at the SAG Awards
Aw still nothing? what about at least an update showing Jennifer seeing this moment for the first time on Piers Morgan where she turns an adorable shade of pink? still.... nothing.....

12/20/2012 17:55 Miss Rhode Island is the 2012 Miss Universe

10/23/2012 15:15 Jennifer Lopez had a little accident
yeaah that's def just a shadow of her hair. FAIL Brando. total fail.

12/09/2011 17:31 Lindsay Lohans Playboys pictures have leaked
like the *lady* herself, pure disappointment. perez has all the pics... just boobs (with washed out nips) a little side bum, and feet. pathetic

01/07/2011 18:16 friday afternoon headlines
where is LNOJ when I need him? I have to find out how anyone can seriously cheer for a team that is named after a term for having your period.... sorry boys for bringing up that topic but i just sa

01/07/2011 15:44 Jason Statham and Rosie Whitely are in Anguilla
just because you can doesn't mean you should.

01/07/2011 15:28 Jason Statham and Rosie Whitely are in Anguilla
no SCUM she's not. whoa check out pic 12. i think it's a little inappropriate to be grabbing him like that with small children watching.

01/07/2011 15:26 Jason Statham and Rosie Whitely are in Anguilla
and he looks... well not as ripped as he normally does.

01/07/2011 15:23 Jason Statham and Rosie Whitely are in Anguilla
jeeze check out the neck in pic 8. it's as wide as her head!

01/07/2011 12:38 "Hey. Hey Victoria Silvstedt... little help?"
does the sand on her knees prove she was earning her vacation just moments before these pics were snapped? yes, yes i think it does.

01/07/2011 12:24 "Hey. Hey Victoria Silvstedt... little help?"
how pissed do you think this whore was that her grandmother refused to get out of her staged pap shots? and really Grammy needs to get a better fitting bra, it's not supposed to be that high up on

01/06/2011 17:29 Jessica Szhor is naked for Sobe
there is a new up too. thanks fuckers.

01/06/2011 17:28 Jennifer Aniston is a drunk
i vote muscle relaxer vs drunk. either that or she just got her lips done.

01/06/2011 17:25 Jessica Szhor is naked for Sobe
he photoshops... stuff. for christmas? he got me some ruffies.... but i re-gifted them.

01/06/2011 17:15 Jessica Szhor is naked for Sobe
i like your correct grammar. and no, Z is hispanic.

01/06/2011 17:01 Jessica Szhor is naked for Sobe
i hate you - that avi is awesome. fat pussies are the best. and for the record: I love Michelle Beadle.

01/06/2011 14:54 Jessica Szhor is naked for Sobe
OMG is she sitting on dirty pavement naked???????? nasty!