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03/15/2013 02:22 This Is What North Korea Thinks America Is Like
This video is my life. I live on the side of the highway waiting for my relief packages from the great North Korean leader. I don't have a hole in my roof - I have no roof, just garbage used to cover

01/07/2013 20:28 Jessica Alba in a bikini, before and after having a baby
In all fairness, I'm going to need to properly oil Jessica's ass and compare to the photograph from 2007. It's the only way, I'm afraid.

05/03/2012 15:32 PopChips has pulled thier "racist" Ashton Kutcher ad
It's America: you're only allowed to make fun of White Males.

04/07/2012 16:23 amanda_bynes_dui_mugshot_and_leaving_jail_april_6_2012_6
Is that the 4 or 4S iPhone? Bet it's the 4S. Call me!

03/30/2012 00:50 its Selena Gomez at work on her bikini movie
I would have to break it off in that ass. Yes, sir.

12/29/2011 20:24 Kelly Clarkson is in trouble for supporting Ron Paul
What is the difference between a Libertarian and an Anarchist? One wears a suit.

06/10/2011 14:45 Russell Crowe: "circumcision is barbaric and stupid"
My Jewish girlfriend loves sucking off my natural penis. If guys want to get circumcised it's a decision they should make when they can comprehend it. Why would I want less sensitivity during sex?

12/05/2009 15:56 prepare to be disappointed
Ed Hardy bikini. That tells you everything you need to know.

11/04/2009 22:26 false alarm everyone. lindsay is doing great.
Blah blah blah. I'd still love to spend the night with her.

10/24/2009 20:20 Smooth, bro. Smooth.
Check a map, Cyprus still a country. Typical American geography. But you can get an "A" in snarky remarks.

10/22/2009 01:07 mmass4
i can almost taste it from here...

08/01/2009 00:20 Katherine Heigl is delightful
It was ONE day, you stupid twat. Career, over. Good bye!

05/19/2009 17:06 Hayden is a girl, right?
I'm on the case. My tongue is never wrong -I will get to the bottom of this.

03/25/2009 17:42 afternoon headlines
The guy with his face in her ass is a genius. Good call, dude.

02/25/2009 21:04 marisa miller is ... um ...
Love her.

10/29/2008 19:17 GOT AN ENDLESS AD CAMPAIGN?

Milk is bad for you. Notice how the commercials sell you on the Milk culture, the absence of milk in your life? It's all about nostalgia.

That's because they can't tell you that m

10/25/2008 01:05 GISELE IS A GOOD MODEL
Her body makes her face look painfully average. Love to tongue that dumper- all night long

10/03/2008 18:07 ENOUGH ALREADY

"i'll come personally to your house and slap it on your face"

 -that's all i pulled away from this video 


Oh, hell yea! Time to jack-off! <

09/28/2008 14:35 1925 - 2008

#1 HUD

#2 Slap Shot

#3 The Hustler

Also awesome in Empire Falls and Hudsucker Proxy. Loved him! 


Love that little Ukranian! What a hottie - 

Я буду иметь секс с ей!