Tiger Loses; Janet Gretzky Wins

August 10, 2020 | Photos | Media Man| 0 Comments

I don’t understand Sports Media’s ongoing obsession with Tiger Woods. Each tournament its “Tiger hits the bunker on 7” and “Tiger drains 12 foot put” and “Tiger changed his shoes” etc. There’s more coverage on what club Tiger uses... READ MORE

WNBA Returns as Players Opt-Out

July 28, 2020 | Photos | Media Man| 0 Comments

Sports fans and feminists may be surprised to hear that the WNBA has restarted, and in-between tweeting they’ve actually shot a few hoops. Ratings are “way up” – 540,000 viewers opening day – they only need to sextuple that... READ MORE

Today in Racist Sports Team Names!

July 22, 2020 | SPORTS | Tex Hollywood| 0 Comments

This week’s derogatory term is “Eskimo” – as in Edmonton Eskimos, a Canadian Football League team that is suddenly the target of slings and arrows and seal-hunting spears. There is no end to virtual-signaling by renaming professional sports teams.... READ MORE

Tom Brady is Leaving the Patriots!

March 17, 2020 | News | WWTDD| 0 Comments

I don’t really do the whole sports things, but Tom Brady and the Patriots are pretty much interchangeable, so this is pretty big news. Plus, he’s married to that Victoria’s Secret model, who happens to be the highest paid... READ MORE

Spike Lee got Denied Entrance at the Knicks Game

March 4, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun| 0 Comments

Spike Lee has been using a special employee entrance to Madison Sqaure garden for 28 years, apparently this time staff told him to go through the main entrance with everyone else attending. Spike spoke on “First Take” about the... READ MORE

Is Conor McGregor on Bender in a Crack Den

February 11, 2020 | SPORTS | WWTDD| 0 Comments

There is a rumor circulating the UFC scene, which I am not a part of, so I could be totally wrong, but I heard that THIS is Conor McGregor on a crack bender with a crack whore….. The people... READ MORE

An IG Model Tried to Streak the Super Bowl

February 4, 2020 | News | Shot Dunyun| 0 Comments

I know what you’re all thinking and that is that if I am going to write about the Super Bowl, “PLEASE WRITE ABOUT THE J.LO / SHAKIRA HALF TIME SHOW” and “post memes from both sides of the argument... READ MORE

Lolo Jones the Olympic Virgin

January 21, 2020 | ATHLETES | WWTDD| 0 Comments

Lolo Jones is a 37 year old Olympic Athlete, but more interestingly she’s a 37 year old virgin. I don’t know much about Olympic Athletes, but I should know more about Lolo Jones and I am surprised I missed... READ MORE

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Porn Star Girlfriend Kiara Mia

January 20, 2020 | Photos | WWTDD| 0 Comments

Tom Brady’s backup dancer turned San Francisco 49ers Quarterback is heading to the Super Bowl next week but that’s not what we are interested in. We are interested in the pornstar that he is linked to named Kiara Mia... READ MORE


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