Faith Hill is "shockingly" thin now, apparently

Every few months, some fat person will write an article about a famous person who is too skinny now, because fat people are real jealous and petty. It's usually Angelina Jolie but this time it's Faith Hill based on the way she looked at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Radar says... ...the 45-year-old's recent dramatic weight loss had taken a toll on her stunning looks. "Her neck is extremely gaunt and her clavicles, more

Justin Bieber is being a tough guy again

It's hard for Justin Bieber to seem tough since he looks more like Maggie Grace than an 18-year-old boy, but he tries desperately hard anyway, at least from the safety of twitter. After sweeping major categories at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, The Black Keys stepped out to celebrate. (Drummer Patrick) Carney (was asked by TMZ about) the fact that Bieber was snubbed by the Recording Academy this year. "He's rich, more

Taylor Swift still acts like a 15 year old

It should go without saying that I didn't watch Taylor Swift sing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at the Grammys last night, so I'm just taking Us magazines word for it when they say she's acting like the entire god damn world is her facebook page again... ...and (Swift) took a jab at her British ex (Harry Styles of the band 'One Direction'). "So he calls me up and he's like, 'I still love you,' more

Katy Perry was the best thing about the Grammys

Award shows are all dumb because taste is subjective but the Grammy Awards are extra dumb because they've given Taylor Swift 7 of the fucking things. So all we can really hope for is that Katy Perry wears something that shows off her tits (she did!) and that Lindsay Lohan does something embarrassing (she did not). But that's only because she wasn't there. At this point there could be a Lindsay Lohan Awards with a more