Black Woman Nearly Sneaks Into Oscars!

Maybe it was all the concern over the rain or staving off the they're-not-all-Muslim terrorists, but Academy Awards security completely missed this chick strolling right down the red carpet at the Academy Awards tonight. She wasn't all that hard to spot, given her bright blue dress, and the fact she was the only black person in attendance. A bluetooth alert should've fired off in some burly dude's earpiece. more

Gravity Wins Best Picture! Meh, Maybe, Who Knows

I get it. You're being hurtled uncontrollably through space just like your subconscious is in turmoil over your daughter becoming another somber schoolyard tag statistic. It's gravity that's weighing you down woman. Holy fuck that would be a horrible movie to endure if you were blind. The Oscars are this weekend. The biggest worldwide circle jerk outside of a Peter Thiel cowboy chaps only party in SoHo. This is more