50 Cent Sued For Posting Photos of Himself

Thanks to iPhones and Instagram everyone is a certified photographer opportunistically looking for a pending payday. No need to comprehend composition or understand ISO levels anymore. read more

Fifty Cent Dissed By His Son (VIDEO)

50 Cent's son Marquise Jackson appears to have some serious daddy issues. He released what has widely been interpreted as a diss track to his cornball broke-ass absentee father.  read more

50 Cent Circling the Bowl

50 Cent is a phony tough guy. He filed for bankruptcy and promptly littered his Instagram with pictures of all his cash. A stash in the fridge, buckets full of money, an Indecent Proposal style cash-strewn bed sans naked hot chick with butch haircut. These insecure... read more

50 Cent Wears Bankruptcy Well

Because stupid is something that doesn't come off in the shower, 50 Cent is being called back to court by a bankruptcy judge because his gratuitous photos of stacks of cash belie his claims of being busted broke and unable to pay his creditors. 50 Cent has been posting... read more

50 Cent Ass Licking

Vivica A. Fox implied in an TV interview that 50 Cent might be gay.  50 Cent started the battle with a comment that Fox's current show Empire was slipping heavily in the ratings because it was filled with slightly to modestly gay things like two dudes having sex. Fox,... read more

Fifty Cent Fake Rich

Fifty Cent testified in court that he is broke and all his displays of wealth are total bullshit. He recently lost a lawsuit for posting a sex video of a woman online, and has been ordered to pay her $5 million. That was an expensive joke. While it's clear that like most... read more

50 Cent Cashed Out

Rapper 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy protection in Connecticut  to shelter his Panzer division of Bentleys against the kind of civil judgements only a rapper could amass. The first found 50 Cent slapped with a an order to pay Rick Ross' elegant baby mama five million U.S.... read more

50 Cent And Rick Ross Make Mamma Proud

A video of Rick Ross' girlfriend Lastonia Leviston getting railed over a couch by some random dude was posted online months back. At some point another version appeared with 50 Cent's head superimposed onto the guy's body. Rick Ross claims 50 Cent posted the video first.... read more

50 Cent Has Bank Account Frozen

50 Cent is unable to access his personal bank account because his wages are being garnished. Cent owes Sleek Audio $17 million dollars because he lost a lawsuit to them in a convincing blowout. They claim he stole their headphone design and tried to market a similar... read more

50 Cent's Literacy Challenge

This is why I wouldn't step up and Kickstart Geordie's Reading Rainbow. A little knowledge is not a good thing. 5o Cent claims he's worried about Floyd Mayweather's illiteracy. Illiteracy is a nationwide epidemic that affects upwards of one-hundred percent of people who... read more

50-Cent Needs to Stop Calling People Thirsty Bitches

Everybody wants free speech but nobody quite knows what to do with it. Social media is a modern day marvel of free speech so people mostly use it to share pictures of their lunch or call somebody they don't know an asshole. I do one of those things. You don't need to see... read more

50 Cent on Kanye and Kim Kardashian: "One mans trash..."

Taken out of context, it may have sounded like an insult when XXL asked 50 Cent about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and 50 referred to Kim as "trash", but when you read it in context... XXL: "Kanye took to his Twitter to announce that he wrote the song "Perfect Bitch"... read more