Aaron Hernandez Still Seems Confident

Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parolethough he's officially listed as probable for the Patriots season opener in September.There's a strong chance Hernandez doesn't understand his sentence. He told everyone he's going to Disney World. The Hernandez case was perplexing. Not in that there was any doubt he killed a guy, it was just remarkable how...read more

Aaron Hernandez' Fiancee Is a Keeper

Aaron Hernandez' fiancee Shayanna Jenkins testified that she put a box containing a murder weapon into a plastic bag and then drove around and threw it in the dumpster because she's a good woman. Her lawyers then scored some sympathy points by making it known she tried to ignore the fact that the babysitter was blowing Hernandez on the regular. Jenkins is one to make sacrifices in regards to romanceand her ability to...read more

Aaron Hernandez Not Getting Press

Coverage of the Aaron Hernandez trial is conspicuously lacking from ESPN and major news outlets.ESPN ass funneled you stories about Patriots' deflated footballs yet rarely mentions that the same team used to employ Scarface. The NFL is clearly exerting pressure on its broadcast partners to ignore the case. That would include FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, and ESPN. If you want to bid on theSuperbowl in 2019 sell your integrity...read more

Aaron Hernandez Jail Memorabilia Finally On eBay

Someone is auctioning off a book Aaron Hernandez supposedly used to relay secret messages to his fellow inmates. This wasn't a hard to decipher system involving ancient Peruvian hieroglyphs, Hernandez just hand wrote things in penon the pages of the book. When he returned the book, another inmate would check it out.There was some suspicions asto why these illiterate assholes were suddenly checking out books and the...read more

Patriots Fans Underestimated

Potential jurors in the Aaron Hernandez conviction cake walk were handed a questionnaire which contains the following: Are you a fan of theNew England Patriots?Have you ever attended a Patriots game?Is there anything about [Hernandez playing for the Patriots] that would impair your ability to be fair and impartial? Essentially, they're looking for people who won't be missed from work or home for the next four months...read more

Patriots Got Aaron Hernandez' Back

Aaron Hernandez' legal defense team requested his team files from the New England Patriots. The Patriots refused to release some of his scouting reports citing 'trade secrets'. When a ruthless murderer is standing trial it's important nobody know how they measure vertical leaps. It might also show what shitty judges of characters they are since they drafted a meth smoking, gun toting gangster and thought he would be...read more

Time to Burn the Hernandez Jersey

I'm a man's man. I'll give a one murder pass to my favorite NFL players. If OJ had just beheaded Nicole for messing with his mind, I'd still be wearing his jersey. I look forward to seeing Ray Lewis do his thing on ESPN. It's not like he still has that blood on his hands. That's just a figure of speech. Aaron Hernandez and I could've still been pen pals if he had just killed his buddy who talked too much. Who hasn't...read more

Aaron Hernandez May Have Killed Before

Aaron Hernandez is like one of those superhero guys with a normal day job who prowls the city at night standing on rooftops looking for trouble. Only, Aaron was looking to get into trouble. And I guess he got into a bunch of it since cops are also investigating him for a double homicide from a year ago in a drive by shooting following a nightclub fight. Hey, disrespect is disrespect. Sometimes you've got to just shoot...read more

Aaron Hernandez Arrested (VIDEO)

Aaron Hernandez' attorney wants to make it clear. There is no arrest warrant out for his client. So stop publishing that lie. And ignore that guy who looks just like Aaron Hernandez being led away from his home in handcuffs. It's been a tough week for guys in Boston, what with the Bruins losing in hockey, the Patriots' tight end being arrested, and everybody realizing they still have to have sex with girls from...read more

Aaron Hernandez Had a Killer Offseason

Aaron Hernandez is a pretty talented dude. Solid football player for the Patriots. Like many guys in the NFL, when he has a little down time from the season, he enjoys hanging out with thugs, late night strip clubs, and brandishing weapons. It was that or golf and golf is fucking boring. Hernandez is aboutto be arrested because one of his running buddies was found shot in the back of the head on a jogging path not far...read more