David Arquette's Sister No Longer Trans

David Arquette revealed that his sister, Alexis, is no longer transgender. She now refers to herself as "gender suspicious". It sounds like just another idioticgender labeluntil you see Alexis Arquette and realize it's perfect. Suspicious in the least. I'd vote to... read more

Alexis Arquette Demands Jada and Will Smith Cop to Being Gay

Alexis Arquette is that Arquette acting family siblingwho started out as Robert the boy, then Robert the teen cross dresser, then Robert the drag queen actress, and finally Alexis, the chick who looks a shitloadlike Robert but with a vagina and extensions. Arquette calls... read more

Jared Leto's Cock And Shit Around The Web

Alexis Arquette, the tranny Arquette sister I guess, claims that he schlobbled Jared Leto's man parts and that it was wonderful. According to Arquette, Leto's dick was like something out of the movie Gladiator. I'm not sure what the fuck that means. Does it look like... read more