Alexis Arquette Demands Jada and Will Smith Cop to Being Gay

By Lex January 21, 2016 @ 7:07 AM


Alexis Arquette is that Arquette acting family sibling who started out as Robert the boy, then Robert the teen cross dresser, then Robert the drag queen actress, and finally Alexis, the chick who looks a shitload like Robert but with a vagina and extensions. Arquette calls herself an activist which is an industry term for long out of work. Arquette saw Jada Pinkett Smith bitching about her husband not being crowned for that shitty NFL concussion movie and boycotting the Oscars for being super white and got a big bug up her ass about outing Jada and Will as closeted queers:


LGBTIQYLMNOP organizations were quick to condemn Arquette’s rant. Though even they had to admit that bit about Benny Medina fucking Will Smith up the ass was pretty spectacular. Gay rights groups constantly remind the public that coming out is something you do on your own terms. Or something we will do for you if the hush checks stop rolling in. We’re not lenient like Scientology. None of Arquette’s barb seemed to have anything to do with whether or not the Oscars should start giving out all their awards to black British actors instead of just white British actors. If we’re fixing problems, let’s start with why Alexis can’t seem to ever get a close shave. It’s odd to consider that she’s not even close to the strangest Arquette.

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By Michael August 19, 2014 @ 1:17 PM


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