Lindsay And Ali Lohan In Bikinis On A Yacht

Childhood trauma, drinking, drugs, anorexia, prison, failed careers. These are among the things that simply can't keep the Lohan sisters down. Those two chin-up girls donned some ill fitting bikinis for their respectively awkward shaped bodies and hit the high seas about ten feet off the coast of Capri, lest probation officer helicopters come swooping down. The girls swam and suntanned and played the liars poker more

Dina Lohan Is Managing Ali Lohan's Music Career

Mostly underwhelming 19-year old model Ali Lohan has apparently decided that she wants to focus more on her music career now – "Ali wants her new sound to be Miley Cyrus meets Lana Del Rey" – and according to Radar, she's wisely being managed by the most competent and qualified person she knows – her mother, Dina Lohan. Of course, Dina has been pretty busy as of late with her court appearances for her DUI arrest, more

Lindsay Lohan Obeying Her Sober Coach

Lindsay Lohan didn't leave rehab with just the Freshman Fifteen packed on, she got herself a Sober Coach who tracks her every move. Lindsay's also got Oprah now as her spiritual guide, like a fat Jiminy Cricket on her shoulder telling her all the shit she shouldn't be doing. Between the two wet blankets, they've managed to keep Lindsay on the wagon for an entire month. Partly by nixing some of her travel and more

Ali Lohan Moves; Lindsay Helps

Ali Lohan was moving some of her shit in New York to a new apartment, and everybody was wondering what happened to her boobs. At least, I was. They done gone disappeared. Maybe in one of the bags. It got worse when Lindsay showed up to help her sister move her bulimia bibs and flashed her new heavy grandmotherly cans around her emaciated younger sister. To be fair, Ali is now a 'model' in New York, so weighing more

Lindsay Lohan's Sister Is Proud Of Her Name

Lindsay Lohan's younger sister, Ali Lohan, has been trying to get her foot in the modeling door for several years, which is probably why she was always out at night clubs with her sister until the early hours of the morning, for "research" and "networking". But the hard work has paid off, because she signed a contract with the Wilhelmina modeling agency in New York City last week. Ali, seen above storing nuts for more

Ali Lohan is doing great

Some people think Ali Lohan is about to die because she clearly has an eating disorder, but I would argue that life isn't worth living if you don't have a nice ass, and this is as good as hers has ever looked. Is she so skinny now that gravity doesn't work on her anymore? I don't know, what am I, an astronaut? But if so, isn't that what we all want? To slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of God? Ali is more

Ali Lohan is still a fat ass

Lindsay Lohan doesn't have any friends of course, she spends most of her time with her defense attorney and her sister, so Ali was in Hawaii this weekend too. Ali is nothing but bones so I guess she's still trying to be a runway model, despite the fact that she's not very good looking. She would only look pretty if the show was on an actual runway, and everyone was 500 yards away. (image source = bauer griffin more

why is Ali Lohan so thin all of a sudden

Oh. Oh never mind. I think I see what's going on now. (image source of lindsay yesterday after getting her hair done for 6 hours at byron and tracey in beverly hills = splash and fame)read more

Ali Lohan is doing great

There's no reason to think Ali Lohan might have a potentially life threatening eating disorder, unless you're judging her just based on her weight and general appearance. Which seems pretty superficial of you. You're a real jerk, you know that! Her mom sure does! "Dina is adamant though that Ali is just going through a very big growth spurt, and there is absolutely no cause for concern," a source close to more

Ali Lohan, 17, gets botox

Let's just pretend for a second that making conclusions based on nothing more than pictures is something a responsible doctor would do and award another parenting gold medal to Dina Lohan, because a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon says Lindsay Lohans 17-year-old sister Ali is already getting botox. Dr. Gary Alter, from E!'s now defunct TV show Dr. 90210, looked at photos of Ali and believes she's had work more

please wash your hands after winning your oscar

Lindsay Lohan and her male middle aged Armenian sister worked their shift at some milkshake place last night, and at one point they gave Lindsay an Academy Award. It didn't make any sense of course, but neither did Ali and her monstrously untamed eye brows. Honestly, if half of these pictures were from that Abu Ghraib dogpile, would anyone would even more

damn you lindsay

God only knows how she's paying for it (blowjobs) but Lindsay rang in the new year in St Barths, and even though in the very first picture she looks like we would get arrested if we were walking around downtown together, she recovers quickly by showing her better than average ass, and later on she looks aggravatingly good. And by that I mean, "tits'. (source = inf daily and fame pictures)read more

lindsay is sooooo hot

Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali were in Paris last night, and are you god damn kidding me. Lindsay is 23, looks 43 and acts like she's 13. Which is why she looks 43. She looks so haggard and weary for her age, she might as well be covered in spiderwebs. Her sister Ali is 15. She wants to be an actress too. Or an eastern European prostitute. She sort of looks like Anne Hathaway, except not as good in any of the more

Lindsay is dirty in every way

LAPD investigated a burglar alarm yesterday at the home of Lindsay Lohan, and after they waded through the mess and broken debris left behind, they discovered that the burglar never actually made it into the house and that Lindsay is a lazy pig. The Daily Mail says... The apartment looked like it had been ransacked, but closer forensic examination discovered that the mess was actually left by Li-Lo herself There more

ali lohan is a sexy model

Dina Lohan should be put down immediately for her the way she’s fucked up her kids, specifically today for the way her 15-year-old daughter is posing for pictures like some tarted up whore. You don’t see kids on the street with this much makeup on unless you’re in Bangkok. Normally I like desperation in girls but on her it’s just sad. She would do anything to be famous. She’d get on all fours and let you ride her more