Allen Henson Sued For Photographing Tits on the Empire State Building

By Lex January 14, 2014 @ 4:53 PM

Allen Henson Sued For $1.1 Million For Photographing A Topless Model At The Empire State Building
Gotham has been attacked by numerous nefarious villains, but none more depraved and inhuman than Allen Henson, a photographer who gets chicks to take their tops off in public places around N.Y.C. According to the people who charge you $60 to ride up the Empire State Building elevator to buy their souvenir mugs, Allen Henson and his topless model caused tremendous danger and disturbance to the Empire State Building observation deck. They’re suing for $1.1 million. It was originally $1.2 million, but even the plaintiffs had to agree the model has some pretty nice yabbos so they knocked off a hundred grand out of respect. Henson responded to the charges by saying something like, shut the fuck up, retards. Stop hating on boobs. He’s banking on any number of dudes on a jury wondering what the real harm is in a girl flashing her cans at a New York City tourist attraction. The last time I went up to that deck, I saw fog and a gay Samoan couple making out. When people ask me if they should visit, the Empire State Building I tell them, only if you want to see fog and a gay Samoan couple making out. Now I can say, there might also be a hot girl flashing her tits. That just seems like good marketing.

Photo Credit: Allen Henson