Alyson Hannigan Has A Stalker?

By Travis March 07, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

Her? Really? Flute girl? Well, I guess even psychotic, obsessed perverts lower their standards every now and then.

… the “How I Met Your Mother” actress obtained a temporary restraining order in February against John Hobbs … who was allegedly sending her harassing messages online, and threatening to kill her.

What’s worse … she claims Hobbs was recently discharged from a mental hospital and is mentally unstable.

Hannigan was probably more persuasive than she thought … because Hobbs isn’t fighting her … he’s agreed to stay at least 100 yards from her and her family for the next 3 years. (TMZ)

Well then, that sounds like the perfect boring stalker for the perfect boring actress. I know that a lot of people think that stalkers are serious business because they’re so mentally unstable and dangerous, and plenty have either killed or attempted to kill in the past. But I’m just saying that part of the problem with this country is lack of ambition, and Hobbs is a perfect example of that.

If he’s going to stalk one of the actresses from How I Met Your Mother, it should at least be Colbie Smulders. She’s Canadian, and my friend told me all Canadian women are sluts.

(Photo: AKM-GSI)

I hate this cutesy crap for Halloween

By brendon November 01, 2010 @ 3:49 PM


Let me preface this by saying you can wear something cute for Halloween and still look fantastic. Like super famous porn star Kristina Rose did (twitter). She wore a cowgirl costume backwards. She’s a Reverse Cowgirl. Get it? Do you get it? It’s adorable, and really slutty. Just like Kristina.

That’s the right way to do a cute costume. Amanda Seyfried and Alyson Hannigan did it the wrong way.

Hannigan went as… I don’t know. Wendy? Carrot Top? I get that she was with her dumb ass kid but that things first memory was using mom as a slide, so he’s seen worse. Besides, that little bastards skull hasn’t even hardened yet, he’s not gonna remember if dad got an erection one Halloween.

Seyfried was no better. The only thing I’ll say in her defense is that she dressed up as a dog and went to this party with Ryan Phillipe, who was wearing an Eagles cap. So maybe this was some super edgy Mike Vick thing. In which case, HOLY SHIT this bitch is hardcore. “Boo, Boooo, Too Soon, TOO SOON!”


By brendon August 29, 2007 @ 11:34 AM

If anyone knows at what point Alyson Hannigan turned into the Berries and Cream Starburst guy, feel free to shoot me an email.

(oh look, tmz is doing britney posts where they fake her dialog in a comical hillbilly accent.  what a clever bit)