Amanda Knox Gay For The Stay

Amanda Knox seems too crazy to be presumed innocent of murder. She has that look in her eyes. Her boyfriend is a pseudo intellectual hipster doofus. She was also a real hell kitten in the sack. read more

Amanda Knox Has A New Alive Boyfriend

Seven time acquitted murderer Amanda Knox is having a grand time in her native Seattle boning some asshole hipster who is most likely using her for his own publicity. As evidence, her name is stenciled on his jacket. read more

Amanda Knox Seems Guilty Now

I've always been pretty certain that Amanda Knox was innocent of killing her British college exchange roommate. The Italian police claim that she was a drugged up sex fiend never made any sense. Good looking nymphomaniacs from Seattle only exist in Gus Van Sant films.... read more

Amanda Knox Is Proud Of Her One Night Stands

It's probably important to mention that Amanda Knox spent four years in prison after she was convicted for her role in killing a British student named Meredith Kercher while the two were roommates in Italy, and Knox is currently awaiting a re-trial after her initial... read more