Amanda Knox Seems Guilty Now

By Lex January 30, 2014 @ 12:19 PM

I’ve always been pretty certain that Amanda Knox was innocent of killing her British college exchange roommate. The Italian police claim that she was a drugged up sex fiend never made any sense. Good looking nymphomaniacs from Seattle only exist in Gus Van Sant films. And even then they’re hairless boys. Visit UW sometime and you’ll know why the prosecution scenario of crazed college girl sexual rumpuses seems like a reach. Except now, in trial number three or whatever the fuck number it is in the Italian justice system, the new prosecutor is ditching the sex games gone bad murder story line and switching to fight between chick roommates about a visiting boyfriend not flushing the toilet. And blammo. It’s all right there. The most believable female roommate murder scenario ever. I’m no doctor of jurisprudence, but I’m going to say that roughly 88% of all female homicides under 35 are the result of fights with their chick roommates over the bathroom. I don’t care if it’s the not picking up towels or the leaving of hair clumps or the borrowing of shit without permission. It’s something. You throw in the catty shit involved with the boyfriend visiting and not picking up towels or leaving the hair clumps or borrowing shit without permission and… murder two! Goodnight, Amanda.

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Amanda Knox Is Proud Of Her One Night Stands

By Travis April 29, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

It’s probably important to mention that Amanda Knox spent four years in prison after she was convicted for her role in killing a British student named Meredith Kercher while the two were roommates in Italy, and Knox is currently awaiting a re-trial after her initial conviction was overturned. But with her autobiography out today, that all takes a back burner to the sexy details that she revealed after being paid a reported $2 million.

Knox was only 20 when she moved to Italy to study abroad, but a new language was the second thing she learned after spreading her legs.

‘I was proud of myself for having a no-strings-attached consensual encounter but I felt awkward and out of place. I didn’t yet know if I’d regret it.

‘Later I told Meredith about the sex and feeling “like an idiot”. (Daily Mail)

That was after her second or third one-night stand, mind you, but she was already making excuses at a veteran level. Knox also claims that while in prison, her cellmate who had the “tall, lean looks of a model” came onto her and tried kissing her. Obviously, the Italian government just wants to convict her again so they can watch this time.

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