Ugly Betty Tells Trump The Latinos Are Taking Over

Here's one way to assuage the anti-Hispanicimmigrant crowd. Tell them you're going to breed and take over shit and kill all the whiteys by spitting on their spoons at fancy restaurants. America Ferrara isn't Mexican but she had a picture of her Honduran grandmother in her dorm room at USC so she pennedan open letter to Donald Trump abouthis views on Mexican immigrants. She got it published in The Huffington Post. more

Vitalii Sediuk Dives Under America Ferrara's Dress (VIDEO)

At some point in every prankster's life, you have to ask yourself honestly, am I the world's worst fucking prankster? Are my exhibitions amusing or socially telling or inspiring, or am I just trying to get two seconds of face on DiCaprio cock or flopping under a girl's dress before I get hauled away and beaten by Frenchmen still ashamed of folding to the Nazis in eleven seconds. Vitalii Sediuk is the dude who more