American Apparel Ditches Amateur Porn

SinceAmerican Apparel CEO Dov Charney was fired for being the Pete Rose of sexual harrassment the company is looking to clean up its image and will be fazing out their ads featuring featuring Hollywood newbies spreading their ass cheeks for thirtydollars. Their new Senior VP of Marketing, Cynthia Erland, reportedly told employees to only cast professional 'traditional' models and not chicks they meet at the bus more

Dov Charney Loses His Job, Keeps His Dick

We really need to carve out a Constitutional exception for sexual misconduct and harassment and all such gross behavior rules such as it relates to the fashion and modeling industries. There is no difference between the world of women's fashion and the porn or prostitution or New Jersey cement business. Sleazy pits of fetid water rife with predators, creeps, and miscreants. Who doesn't know this? As head of more