Renee Alway Of America's Next Top Model Arrested, Again

The fourth arrest this year for former Next Top Model finalist Renee Alway confirms my suspicion that the second most common occupation among models who can't get jobs is burglary and petty theft. Prostitution is obviously the first. So obvious that we almost should just call prostitution 'modeling plus'. But the ones who can't find work in the business, and can't make recreational drug ends meet with just the more


Isis, the transvestite contestant on this season of "Americas Top Model", has an interview on the CW website, and … oh boy. I know this won't win me any rainbow colored medals, but this dude is a fuckin weirdo. And a horrible tranny. Black guys can never pull this off. They should have gotten an Asian tranny. Those are convincing. Oh Peaches, you broke my heart!read more