Phoebe Price And Ana Braga Working It, But Who's Paying?

You can view those stories of 30-something career minor league ballplayers hanging on for their shot as inspiring tales of commitment to a dream or profiles in futility. There's a rich psychological profiling that can be done based upon your answer. Phoebe Price has spent the better part of fifteen years hoping that showing off her tit and ass freckles in Beverly Hills will get her more

Ana Braga And Phoebe Price Street Vendors

The fifteenth year of a fifteen year run trying to get noticed in Hollywood is not the time to be pulling out the public sex teasing. This is rookie year antics. Getting older doesn't have to suck. Getting older in a thong does. When you start pulling that bikini out of your ass and pieces are coming with, consider more forgiving stretch pants and a comfy oversized sweater. You would've got away with it if it weren' more

Phoebe Price And Ana Braga Sideboob Stretching

This park just took a decent ratings hit on Yelp. PG-rated tit shows by braless older models won't win you female or male fans. That gunt cost you big in my Cons section. I just came through to buy some weed. Why did you have to ruin the park for the good people? Photo Credit: FameFlynetread more

Ana Braga Cruising Miami

Federal employment figures are naturally misleading. Sure you've got a job, but it's riding your bike around Miami in a swimsuit so older men in the street cafes can masturbate into plantain peels. They are the Cuban fleshlights. Ana Braga skin pallor indicates she's fairly new to the job. Like an Uber driver before their first passenger assault. The world is fresh. I'm pretty sure you're just doing laps. If you don' more

Ana Braga in A Bikini

Cara Delevingne was bitching over the weekend about how the paparazzi are forever trying to shoot up her skirt. The frenzied photographers instinctively know what you've got that sells. Cara has a vagina. This blond Brazilian chick has a hiney she raises in the air every ninety seconds like her rectum doubles as a vital NORAD communication link. Cuba has Russian nukes again. Don't ask me how I know. Keep that more

Ana Braga White Bikini Squat

Nobody squats quite like this oddly blond Brazilian chick. I used to think it was part of her model posing warmups, now I'm certain she's relieving herself on the Miami Beach promenade. It's not for anybody to judge the customs of foreign cultures. The Chinese gorge their food, the native Andeans engage in communal fistfights every December, Muslim jihadists like to murder women and babies. You're either more

Ana Braga Light Stretching In A Tiny Bikini

There's a Cutler fan in every bunch. You can always spot them. Hopeful optimists who see the best in people. This is the year Uncle Stan finally gets over meth. It's been a ride. I bet that pastor from Seventh Heaven no longer likes young girls. He is a man of God. Nobody's going to be in Los Angeles come January. Hell yes let's get Cutler tattoos. Why is Uncle Stan stealing our toaster? Dan Marino has no more

Ana Braga Nipple Show

It's impossible to look serious when your nipples are exposed. At some point Ted Cruz will selfie himself topless shooting an MK-19 at ISIS mannequins and pretending his clavicle isn't disintegrating. Which only proves my point. This chick seems more gutty than Cruz, but it's all the same. Yes, I want to hear about the Rio street kids wading in the river of bottles. But your teat has me Googling the odds more

Angelique Morgan And Ana Braga in Bikinis

There's a social theory that like minded individuals will eventually seek each other outand coalesce into groups. Craigslist has expedited this process with their Metrosexual Males Married to Kendra Wilkinson Seeking Curious Tranny Bottoms Into Tennis personals sections. You can type in the four most secretly shameful things about yourself and be connected to a klatch that meets at Carrow's every other Thursday. more

Ana Braga's Big Guns On Point (VIDEO)

Social media isn't for self-important rejoinders or even for Al Qaeda to plot taking over another piece of barren shitscape for Allah, it's about tits. Large, full, and ripe. Make them bounce. Instagram video was launched with Justin Bieber stoned and sneering at the camera. Now it's this. Evolution is happening. Wake up. You're going to miss something wonderful. Photo Credit: Instagramread more

Ana Braga Boob Shake On Instagram (VIDEO)

This feels pretty half-assed. It's not like we demanded this Brazilian chick selfie her tits bouncing up and down like a Christmas window display for grown men. The circus invites you. Every time Ringling Brothers used to parade through our town they'd yell out, we invite you. The elephants formed a small pyramid or they got shot with tranquilizer and crated off to the Manwich factory. That's what you do when you' more

Ana Braga in A Bikini

When I see a Brazilian girl with bleached blond hair I see a woman willing to take chances. Like straddling a Miami public restroom toilet without a disposable sanitary seat cover. There are still plenty of women in this world up for anything. Not everybody is penning an unpaid blog for HuffPo on relationship fails and learning from regrettable choices and the sexism inherent in their own footwear. Only more

Ana Braga in a Red Thong

You've made the treacherous crossing from Brazil, you're in the thong on the beach where there are a million photographers, there's no way you're not bending your ass lens-ward and securing yourself and your five younger brothers a brighter future. John Henry knew what to do with his hammer. You keep on driving, darling. That mountain's going to come to you. Photo Credit: FameFlynetread more

Ana Braga Is a Bears Fan

Brazilian models with nice asses and not much work are notorious frontrunners. This chick got some Bears gear within minutes of Chicago beating the Niners on national television. There are no official rules for women when it comes to bandwagoning your football loyalties. If she were a dude, he'd have to be jumped and beaten for the fresh team merch in-season. Then we'd probably all fuck him because of how hot his more

Ana Braga In Thong Bikini

I'm coming to like this girl. I'm certain she lives for my endorsement. At first I thought, bleached out silicon bodied Brazilian model of none renowned trying to get noticed on Miami Beach by shaking her ass and showing off her tits. Now I think the exact same, but also, meh, that's not such a bad thing. When you think about all the horrible ways in which many people spend their days. Criminals, politicians, more