Anastasia Ashley in Bikinis

Consider me a big fan of this surfing girl who you never see surfing. Maybe she's good. How would anybody know? It's surfing. Even putt putt golf has a rational scoring system. But go to Ohio sometime and watch a little putt putt, you won't see asses like this. It's unfortunate that all women's athletics ultimately get turned into some kind of beauty pageant by men in the audience. Also awesome. Awesome more

Anastasia Ashley Feels Violated

Anastasia Ashley's surfing career mainly consists of shaking her ass in a thong. That's not a put down. Ashley is quite concerned that some stolen photographer images might surfacethat show her topless from the front, as opposed to the back and side as promised.Ashley was posing fora photo shoot in Florida for Cheeki underwear with the creepiest photography crew ever, and apparently someone broke into their more

Anastasia Ashley Models Bikinis For Revolve

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Anastasia Ashley In A Thong Bikini

I am truly in love with this surfer girl. I was going to look up her surfing rankings but then I realized I'd never understand them. It's a close call, but I dig this chick even more than that blond surfer girl who had her arm eaten by a shark then heroically went back to surfing. If the shark returns to dine on her remaining limb, she probably climbs back to the top of the list. A girl with one arm is a novelty, more

Anastasia Ashley Has an Ass Built for Burgers

Mmm, burger and ass. That's only been the best combination since the dawn of time. Sometimes, I'll see a fine woman's ass in a bikini and think to myself, man, how fat would I have to get eating Carl's Jr. burgers before I could hit that. And I know she's looking at me thinking, if you can eat all 1,800 calories in one mouth stuffing bite, I will ride you until your blood sugar drops you into a diabetic coma. more

Anastasia Ashley In A Blue Striped Bikini

As far as hot sports girls go, I think civilized men can agree that the hierarchy begins with surfers and ends with Ivy League women's rugby players. You can Google the latter if you need confirmation. Girls in the water are inherently better looking than their burly counterparts scrumming about in the mud. I think it's has to do with reproductive longings that extend eons back to the time we were all more

Anastasia Ashley Makes Surfing Sporting

Surfing isn't really a sport. Neither is golf or long jumping or challenging your buddy to ride his dirt bike off a steep embankment and not bust up his face. Yeah, I know that shit is hard to do. I know I can't do it. But the long list of shit I can't do doesn't make a sport. A sport requires an opponent. That's what makes it sporting. However, the best looking women are drawn to the non-sports athletics, which more

Twerking Pro Surfer Anastasia Ashley In A Bikini

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