Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze Aren't That Scandalous

Ireland Baldwin wants people to stop focusing on her teen interracial lesbian rapper relationship and instead focus on... actually, she couldn't come up with anything else. Being young and naive and not having all that much schooling, Ireland naturally plays the Juliet... read more

Angel Haze Clarifies Relationship with Ireland Baldwin: We Fuck

Lesbian rapper Angel Haze dished out a little street Aristotle. I don't fuck my friends. I do fuck Ireland Baldwin. Ergo, Ireland Baldwin is not my friend. I admire Angel Haze for calling out the media for insisting on calling her and eighteen year old Ireland Baldwin... read more

Ireland Baldwin Is Still Enjoying The Bi Life

Whatever her intentions may be, Ireland Baldwin sure knows the best way to appeal to the perverted masses through her Instagram account. The other day, Alec Baldwin's daughter further fueled speculations that she has been hooking up with "pansexual" rapper Angel Haze,... read more

Ireland Baldwin Might Be Gay Now Too

It's hard to say how Alec Baldwin will respond to his eighteen year old daughter hanging out tight with butch rapper Angel Haze. I don't mean how he'll respond publicly in a prepared moment with his hair perfectly coiffed. I mean in that special rage place that Long... read more