AnnaLynne McCord Opens Up

By Lex April 15, 2015 @ 11:51 AM

AnnaLynne McCord Accidental Open Blouse
The best thing that ever happened to Hollywood might be the braless trend. The Westboro Baptist people might say The AIDS, but I’m sticking with an endless array of young women exposing their tits to the elements. I’ve seen more swollen nipples in the past year than John Travolta on a private Greek island holiday. Fuck you, you create metaphors when you’re hungover. Everybody claims to be charitable, but they mostly mean a ten dollar check in the mail. This chick is flashing her tits in public. You tell me who’s getting into heaven first.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

AnnaLynne McCord In A Swimsuit At The Beach In Los Angeles

By Lex June 10, 2014 @ 1:05 PM

AnnaLynne McCord In A Swimsuit At The Beach In Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

AnnaLynne McCord In A Bikini

By Lex July 16, 2013 @ 1:52 PM

AnnaLynne McCord In A Yellow Bikini At The Beach In Los Angeles
AnnaLynne McCord always looks like she’s thinking something deep. It’s probably something more along the lines of ‘damn, every dude on this beach wishes he was up in my stuff’. Which may not be profound, but it’s certainly true.

Photo Credit: PCN

AnnaLynne McCord Riding Her Bike On The Beach

By Lex June 19, 2013 @ 12:24 PM

There’s a new trend in Hollywood where celebrity girls are riding classic looking bikes around town. I’m not sure if it’s some bubbly ode to the environmental movement or it’s because they’re trying to give dirty old men erections, I’m just glad it’s happening. With a reasonable weight limit in place, naturally. Not looking to see Khloe crushing her banana seat.

Photo Credit: PCN

AnnaLynne McCord In A Bikini and a Sisterly Threesome

By Lex June 03, 2013 @ 10:16 AM

AnnaLynne McCord In A Bikini At The Beach With Her Sisters In Los Angeles
The McCord sisters came to L.A. from Georgia to seek fame and fortune. AnnaLynne got the gigs so she wasn’t forced to bang lots of skeevy rich men like her sisters. She does that purely by choice. I’d like to think that this close knit sisterhood has some kind of deviant lesbian sexual relations with one another. But they probably don’t. Otherwise they’d be getting more jobs.

Photo Credit: PCN

why does AnnaLynne McCord have bruises on her ass

By brendon July 24, 2012 @ 4:46 PM


While Jessica Stroup and Jessica Lowndes stood around getting angry over how skinny Annalynne McCord is, she bent down and revealed a couple of mysterious bruises on her ass. And do you know what kind of girls show up one morning with bruises on their ass? Fun ones.

(image source of the set of ‘90210’ today = pacific coast)