Diane Kruger Vogue Smolders and Shit Around the Web

Sexy stars in one-pieces, streaming nude scenes, and more! read more

Weiner On Ice for Next 21 Months

Former Congressman and husband to Hillary Clinton's asexual lesbian confidant, Anthony Weiner, cried before the judge who sentenced him to 21-months hard time for sexting his junk and rape fantasies to a 15-year old girl in the Carolinas.  read more

Anthony Weiner Spunks Himself on the Mercy of the Court

With two weeks left to go before the court passes sentence on Anthony Weiner for sexting a fifteen year old girl, the disgraced former Congressman sent the presiding judge in the case a heartfelt "I'm getting so much better, please don't toss me into the clink" letter. read more

Huma Abedin Single and Ready to Mingle

As far as divorcee dating goes, if you're looking for a 40-year old anorexic Muslim chick with a husband of convenience in the slammer on sex crimes, a child being maintained somewhere by interns, and a best friend leading the #Resistance in a fat pantsuit, Tinder up Huma... read more

Weiner Down

Anthony Weiner will plead guilty to one federal charge of transferring obscene material to a minor. This is the fallout from Weiner's most recent sexting scandal where he once again claimed he got hacked and not to believe anything you read in the Daily Mail. read more

Anthony Weiner Returns From Sex Rehab

Anthony Weiner is reportedly too broke to stay in sex rehab. Most guys who have a lot of sex are less financially secure than they'd have you believe. Hookers are super expensive. So are drinks. Dinners can be. Divorces, certainly. read more

Which Therapy Horse Has Chosen Weiner?

Details have emerged as to Anthony Weiner's thirty-five day, $25,000 cyber sex therapy program. To his dismay it's not one of those scared straight programs where they try and fuck all the cum out of you. Also, lots of drum circles. read more

Anthony Weiner Enters Rehab

Anthony Weiner has entered rehab for "cybersex addiction" meaning his therapist is probably Doc Emmett Brown. If you were to cast a Peeping Tom in a movie he would look exactly like Anthony Weiner. Part of this leads to the conclusion that his perviness may be genetic. read more

Hillary Felled By Non-Ironic Weiner

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton, that chick plugs her leaks. She may not be fit to be President, but she's sure as fit to be a mafia don or International Olympic Committee member. She vibes herself to sleep at night thinking about all the loose ends she... read more

Weiner Went Statutory

Some amount of Weiner bashing is merely piling on to one of a million horny bored middle aged husbands each day across the net trolling for younger women. But when a 15-year old girl comes forward with your suggestive and dirty texts and photos, there's going to be... read more

Anthony Weiner Dumped

Some whore was sexting with Anthony Weiner and released his weird dong pic to the public, which seems incredibly awful yet nobody's coming down on her. She's reportedly a huge Trump supporter. This is how we're going to take down the Democrats. read more

Sometimes You Eat the Weiner, Sometimes the Weiner Eats You

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner can't stop discussing his dick online. Public humiliations, resignations, embarrassing mea culpas, counseling. It matters not. The dick wants what the dick wants. And the Weiner dick wants to be hard in jockey shorts making double... read more