That Carlos Danger Movie Looks Good

The new documentary about Anthony Weiner and his inability to stop masturbating on camera seems fairly gratuitous. But the disgraced Congressman's wife, Human Abedin, is Hillary Clinton's long time chief lieutenant and late night crusty hollow licker. That means distribution on Showtimein an election year. The film is premiering at Sundance this weekend where Clinton operatives will throw snowballs at the more

Sydney Leathers Ready to Die For Love of Weiner

Could this Romeo and Juliet story really end any other way? Apparently Sydney Leathers bravado about not caring for that lovable dick-stroking scamp Anthony Weiner was just a cover for her deep and unwavering cyber sex romance. Apparently, somewhere in between getting new tits, working the stripper pole, making a porn, and going on talk shows about what a loser Anthony Weiner was, she was popping pills and more

Sydney Leathers Protests Outside Weiner HQ

Sydney Leathers took time out of her busy schedule to protest one final time at the Weiner campaign headquarters. Staffers inside the offices paid little attention to Sydney as they were busy stealing office supplies from the officially failed campaign as fast as humanly possible. Nobody's felt the pain of the Weiner sexting scandal more than Sydney Leathers who were it not for the randy ex-Congressman could still more

Weiner Gets In Dick Measuring Contest with Angry Bakery Customer (VIDEO)

When it rains, it pours, sort of like the golden shower sexting fantasies of Anthony Weiner. I'm not sure why the dude is still running for Mayor of New York City, other than he really has nothing else to do. 90% of the city has already decided he handles his dick far too much to be a guy in charge of anything, but he simply won't quit. So he's still kissing ass around the five boroughs pretending it matters, more

Sydney Leathers Showed Off Her Plastic Surgery (VIDEO)

With Anthony Weiner continuing to pour gasoline on the tire fire that is his New York City mayoral campaign, his former online mistress, Sydney Leathers, is still taking drastic steps to help her feel confident in pursuing a career in porn or whatever. Just as she gave her first big interview after outing the man known to her as Carlos Danger to Inside Edition, Sydney has also showed them her new nose job more

Carlos Danger Is Kinda Racist, Mon (VIDEO)

Carlos Danger, (AKA Anthony Weiner), committed the classic lame white guy blunder when he started talking 'like dee West Indian Block mon' at a rally this past weekend. The disgraced politician, who still believes he has a chance at winning the New York City Mayoral race, attended the The West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn on Labor Day. Everything was going fine until Weiner hit the stage. Instead of more

Behold The Anthony Weinermobile!

Somemarketing genius came up with the perfect advertisement for a New York hot dog truck: The Anthony Weinermobile. The hot dog truck hit the streets of Manhattan a couple of days ago and handed out free eats. The Weinermobile is painted with images of Carlos Danger himself in all his goofy Skeksis-like glory. Sure, unless the skeevy politician wins the mayoral race the joke will quickly run its course, but for more

Anthony Weiner Discussed Mayoral Race In Between Ejaculations

It seems that besides talking sexy on the phone, Carlos Weiner also discussed the mayoral race with Sydney Leathers. We all know by now that Anthony Weiner started sexting with random sluts again, even after it nearly ruined his career last year. Sydney Leathers, his main sexting partner, said that it wasn't just her hot ass or Weiner's weiner that they discussed. "He would talk about how he more

Is Carlos Danger Sexting on the Job?

He could have 12 girls talking to him, beating off 15 times a day, and that wouldn't be enough -- Sydney Leathers to Howard Stern According to Leathers, Anthony Weiner had an insatiable addiction for calling and sexting and beating off. How are you going to be mayor of New York City if you're c-ming like five times a day? -- Sydney Leathers musings I don't see a problem with that. I'm sure Ed Koch and Fiorello more

Eliot Spitzer Doesn't Think Anthony Weiner Should Be Mayor Of New York City (VIDEO)

Things are getting so bad for Anthony Weiner in the wake of the recent revival of his 2011 cybersex scandal that even Eliot Spitzer told Chris Matthews on Hardball yesterday that he wouldn't vote for him for mayor of New York City. Spitzer, of course, was forced to resign as Governor of New York when it was discovered that he'd paid enough money to high-priced escorts to send them and their kids to college, more

Hey, It's Anthony Weiner Pushing a Kid on a Swing

Anthony Weiner is just like you and me. He's a guy who loves to go to the park on a Sunday and push his kid on the swings. Just like he loves to force his giant cock into your pussy and pull your hair for being such a teasing bitch. Yes, Anthony, we see that you see the cameras. Keep pushing. more

Pornographer Raising Money For Weiner

Carlos Weiner is getting some financial help for his campaign from a fellow perv. Mike Kulich is a pornographer out in LA who wants to encourage Weiner to stay in the mayoral race by making a movie called, fittingly, "Don't Pull Out". Kulich says that one scene will feature Ginger Lee, one of Anthony Weiner's sexting partners. When asked why he feels that he needs to help keep Weiner firm, more

Sydney Leathers Stomps on Weiner

Here's the young lass responsible for robbing one great man of his destiny. She goes online by Sydney Leathers, which is either a BDSM nod or she's selling Australian boots for the outback. She began her profound online love affair with Anthony Weiner after scolding him on Facebook for his crappy behavior in engaging in his previous affairs. So, yeah, she's probably not the boot salesman Sydney Leathers. But, like more

Anthony Weiner Is Still Sorry About Being A Horny Pervert (VIDEO)

Anthony Weiner had been enjoying a pretty solid political comeback in the New York City democratic primary race for mayor, despite the fact that he resigned from Congress in total humiliating shame back in 2011. The reason for that, of course, was that he was using social media to send out pictures of his dick to random women, but he apologized to America and his wife, while promising to never do it again. more

Weiner Shows Off at Gay Pride Parade

It's Gay Pride time in New York City. As opposed to the rest of the year when gay men and women must live discreetly in the shadows of Gotham. And nobody got into gay pride this weekend quite like Anthony Weiner. The formerly disgraced Congressman is running for Mayor. He didn't really do much wrong except grab his dick a lot on the Internet talking to girls who weren't his wife. Like only every other married guy more