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Ashley Hart's Plan to Steal The Spotlight From Her Sister is Working

Ashley Hart's sister is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model named Jessica Hart, whereas Ashley's credits only include who the hell cares because she's doing cartwheels in a bikini in front of the paparazzi. I'm not dumb enough to think you come here to read modeling credits or have even scrolled down past this chick's hands for that matter. Moving on. (Image Source = Pacific Coast News, Splash News)read more

jessica and ashley hart are in bikinis

Jessica Hart (in the orange) is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and she and her sister Ashley went to Central Park and played frisbee in bikinis. Then, with their skin glistening in the sun, they seductively ate some watermelon and adjusted their breasts. After that they took their tops off and started kissing and making out. No, not really. I just made that up. That would have been awesome though, huh. (note more