Asiana Airlines Drops Lawsuit Over Fake Pilot Names

Go figure. Asiana Airlines has changed its tune. They are now accepting KTVU's on-air apology as enough to cancel their defamation lawsuit. It may or may not have to do with the sudden realization of how fucking stupid they looked to everybody else on the planet. Or, maybe, it was the fear of us naming the winner in the Name the Asiana Airlines Lawyer contest. Which we are still going to do, but now the deadline more

Asiana Airlines Horribly Wrong Attorney Naming Contest For Money

Update 7/17: Seeing as how Asiana dropped their lawsuit suddenly, this contest is ending at 3pm Pacific today. Get your entries in now, lazy ass mofo. When I think about how much trouble I'm going to get in for this, I get very happy. Given that Asian Airlines is now officially suing KTVU over the four crap-in-your-pants funny made up pilot names, it's time for you to name their attorney. Tweet us what you more

Alexander Fields-Lefkovic, Will You Be Our New Summer Intern?

According to KTVU, their source for the fucked joke pilot names they accidentally aired was the National Transportation Safety Board. In particular, KTVU cited an intern at the NTSB who 'double checked' the spellings of the names for the TV news program over the telephone before they went live on the air. Asiana Airlines is now suing KTVU for defamation, which is idiotic, because what they really need are more

Asiana Airlines Did Not Find Racist Fake Names Funny Ha-Ha, So Suing (VIDEO)

Here's KTVU's apology for their errant news report that the Asiana Airlines crashed plane pilots were named Sum Ting Wong and Ho Lee Fuk and a couple other doozies. I guess it wasn't enough because Asiana is now suing KTVU. Meh, that won't get anywhere and I bet most people will admonish the airline to hire better pilots rather than worry about racisty bad Asian name jokes. For its part, KTVU is blaming a ' more