battle of the dorks

Ben Affleck was almost todays big winner, because this morning in Santa Monica, Feathers Jones (NOTE - I don't know their names) was threatening to look like even more of spaz while catching a football than Affleck did 14 months ago. Tuffy Jonas looks as gay as any guy... read more

is ben affleck cheating?

Just a few weeks ago there were pictures (here) of Ben Affleck on the set of ‘the Town' (and not ‘Valentines Day' as I said then. Someone was nice enough to send me an email about it but I'm far too stuck up to edit my mistakes) with Blake Lively, and they did anything... read more

Affleck is so busted

Ben Affleck got caught trying to feel Blake Livelys luscious titties while they took a break on set of the certain-to-be-terrible 'Valentines Day'. He'll deny it but pictures don't lie. Except for sonograms. Those can be faked. If you don't look pregnant, you're not... read more

nice catch ben

Ben Affleck is generally said to be a very nice guy, but if he could go 10 minutes without looking like a complete doofus that would be terrific. The cast and crew of his new movie took a break to play some football yesterday, and the first pass thrown to Ben sort of... read more

im as surprised as anyone

“Good Will Hunting” came out in 97, and from then until 04 Ben Affleck was in 25 movies. Since 04, he’s been in 6. For 7 years the dude was in anything on film, even like security cam footage from bank robberies and he led the Channel 5 Trouble Shooter Team in Denver for... read more

more adorable baby news

I don’t know if Jenifer Garner and Ben Affleck are stubborn or high or sarcastic or what, but they gave birth to that goblin above last year and yet still decided to have another one this year. It's not very nice to call her ugly, but let's be reasonable: she started it... read more


Jennifer Garner gave birth to a little girl last night, the second child for her and husband Ben Affleck. And thank god too. I was really worried we didn’t have enough kids in this country. People magazine says:The actress's rep says: "Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck gave... read more


What's been rumored for a few weeks has now been made all but official, as sources close to the couple have confirmed that Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck are expecting another baby. Garner’s former "Alias" co-star Victor Garber told Us magazine..."Yes, she is,"... read more


Ted Casablanca over on E! says today that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, seemingly one of the more normal Hollywood couples, may be headed for a divorce. Ted says…Terribly unfortunate scuttlebutt has come my way. Sources insist to me that Jennifer Garner is considering... read more


Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are vacationing in Hawaii this week with their wife and kids, and rest assured, no matter how you look in shorts, you look better than big Hollywood star Ben Affleck. I'm guessing but I assume the message on his voicemail says, "Hi, I'm Ben... read more


CBB is one of many asking if Jennifer Garner might be pregnant for the second time with husband Ben Affleck, because of recent pictures that show Garner looking like it's a distinct possibility. Which is amazing, because, umm ... wow. Their daughter Violet may grow up to... read more


Thank god I'm not friends with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, because one day they might hand me their baby and say, "Isn't she cute!!!" And then I'd say "Uh … uh … uh …" and then throw the baby in the air and run away while they try to catch it. Look at that baby fly!... read more