Some Love And Hip Hop Guy Was Kicked Off A Plane (VIDEO)

By Travis May 28, 2014 @ 2:00 PM

Forgive me for not being plugged into whatever Love and Hip Hop is or knowing who some guy named Benzino is, but fans of the show and the star will be pleased to know that he was kicked off his plane on Sunday for acting like an asshole. According to TMZ, the flight attendant simply asked Benzino about the seat he was in, when the guy blew up and started shouting, “Fuck this, fuck that, fuck you” and more at everyone in his path. And right before he exited the plane, Benzino threw a good, “You’re a fucking racist” in there for good measure, because that’s really the best way to buy public sympathy and make sure everyone is on your side.

Rapper Benzino Gets Rap Shot

By Michael April 01, 2014 @ 3:48 PM

Reality show rapper Benzino was shot by his nephew…at his mom’s funeral. The rapper and CEO of Hip Hop Weekly was on the way to bury his mama when someone in a red SUV pulled up beside him and pulled out a gat and started shooting. Just like the good old days of rapper wars, before Twitter fights and girly name calling. The shooter turned out to be Benzino’s nephew Gai Scott who was pissed off because his name was Gai. The two had been feuding over something I’m going to guess boils down to respect and props and probably money. Benzino got hit in the arm and another bullet grazed his back, so he’ll live on to make more shitty TV and rap music. Benzino stars in the train wreck VH1 show Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta that shows the seamy underbelly of the rap world. Mostly that involves bitches gettin’ they weaves pulled out and fools gettin’ they asses beat. This current shooting will make for good TV. If Benzino had died, he could’ve been famous. But that’s rap shooting roulette for you. You never know when you’ll be a legend like Tupac or if you’ll just be the guy who has to shit into a bag on breaks from his low budget VH-1 reality show.