Beyonce and Jay Z Are Going to Make It

By Lex September 08, 2014 @ 12:28 PM

Beyonce In Bikini Celebrating Her Birthday In Portofino Italy
According to Matthew Knowles, the Jay Z and Beyonce divorce rumors of the past several months were a complete fiction ginned up to create buzz around their summer concert tour. Knowles says he used to do this shit all the time when he managed Beyonce and Destiny’s Child:

I know, because we’ve done this. From experience, there’s a tour going on. So you sometimes have to ignite that tour. It’s called a Jedi mind trick. The Jedi mind trick fools you a lot.

I can’t believe Beyonce fired her dad as manager what with his Jedi Mind tricks and highly motile sperm. I’m not surprised by celebrity publicists creating buzz by dropping hot rumors in the media trades before a tour or album release. What is more interesting is why people actually give a shit if Beyonce and Jay Z stay married and pretend to co-parent the stripper named baby Beyonce hasn’t touched since she accidentally brushed it with her elbow when writing a check to the surrogate.

When my girlfriend comes to me and says, so and so broke up, isn’t that sad. I say, yes, very very sad, because I still desire oral sex in my life. But what I’m thinking is why the fuck is it sad that two people who make each other miserable have decided to no longer be miserable. It’s sad when somebody you love dies, not when somebody who you’ve been contemplating poisoning for the last six months says, we need to talk.

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Beyonce And Jay Z Are Living A Lie And Shit Around The Web

By Jack August 25, 2014 @ 12:55 PM


Beyonce did her best at last night’s VMAs to dispel rumors that she and Jay Z both wish they were fucking somebody else at night. They were all snuggly and used their stripper named baby as a prop for their lies. Let it go, B.

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Blue Ivy’s Real Mom Might Take Her Back

By Lex August 19, 2014 @ 2:07 PM


According to the website MediaTakeOut, which was once almost right about something in 2012, a woman named Tina Seals carried Blue Ivy in her belly for nine months and is now suing for custody. According to, which takes completely unfounded stories and then hires experts to give quotes to make them seem legitimate, the surrogate mom might actually have some custodial rights even though she contractually bound herself to a womb-for-hire arrangement. It has to do with complicated family law in the State of New York that has yet to catch up with the multiple ways in which rich and famous people are making babies magically appear these days.

During Beyonce’s pregnancy, many conjecturing assholes such as myself contended she was faking the entire swollen belly bit and that the future stripper named baby was really being carried by a surrogate. This is an extremely common practice among high profile women who make money off their figures. Beyonce skipped all those trendy naked pregnancy photos and when it came time for the birth, the couple rented out the entire floor of the hospital so the baby could be born in extreme privacy. It was all very suspicious. Leading to opportunistic crazies like Tina Seals to now come out of the woodworks. Since the baby presumably carries no DNA link to the surrogate mom, I’m not sure how you prove your carried Blue Ivy in your womb. Maybe it still smells of Shalimar and gold.  None of this is true. But it’s fun to imagine annoying things happening to super annoying people.

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Liv Apologizes to Beyonce for Not Fucking Jay Z (VIDEO)

By Lex August 06, 2014 @ 10:04 AM

Jay Z’s in a fucking pickle. It’s bad when even the chicks you’re not boning outside your marriage are performing songs about how you wanted to bone them. Some self-described rapper chick named Liv made a music video in her apartment by the freeway where she plays Outkast’s Sorry Ms. Jackson and changes the lyrics to Sorry Mrs. Carter. Then she says a whole bunch of stuff about Jay Z being a cheating pimp, how he wanted to doink her in the privates, but didn’t, and how Beyonce ought to have known better than to marry him. She also mentions Monica Lewinsky just to be topical. It’s sort of like a Lifetime movie reinterpreted by a learning challenged twelve year old who figured out how to turn on GarageBand.

The premise that celebrity marriages are supposed to last is a straw-man set up by the media so they can pretend it’s real news when they fall apart. On their wedding night, I’m certain Jay Z knew Beyonce was a self-satisfied high maintenance chick who didn’t need the headache of a cheating husband and Jay Z knew he was the cheating husband. So you plan. One year to pretend you’re in love. One year to produce a fake baby with a stripper name. One year for the lawyers to get involved. This shit is pro forma. There’s no need for horrible fucking music videos. Just an OK! Magazine special with shocking new details about how it all went wrong.

Beyonce Sucks At Rap

By Matt August 04, 2014 @ 7:11 AM


Beyonce acknowledged the elevator brawl involving Jay Z and her sister on a horrendous new auto-tuned track. The remix to Flawless features Beyonce boasting about herself to a degree professional wrestlers would find embarrassing. With non ironic peacocking Beyonce proclaims:

“And you can say what you want, I’m the shit, what you want I’m the shit, I’m the shit, I’m the shit, I’m the shit.”

Its weird that an adult woman would be able to call herself ‘The Shit’ with a straight face, but at least it’s subjective. Later Beyonce just starts layering in a psychotic quest for self acceptance:

“I wake up looking this good, and I wouldn’t change it if I could.”

Unless Beyonce sleeps in the spray tan booth that coats her face and body this claim is definitely bullshit. In reality she looks like Beetlejuice when rising from her hyperbaric chamber and has a triage fix her eyebrows, lashes, hair extensions and fake lips. The elevator brawl still goes mostly unexplained.

“Of course sometimes shit goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator.”

Being well off does not explain acting like you just blew little sisters cosmetology school money in Laughlin. I’ve not heard of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett throwing down in the lift. Beyonce’s attempt to reconcile reality falls pretty short, as does the song, but its good to know she is doing well. Nicki Minaj enters at some point to ground the rap ballad in something relatable to chicks with enormously inflated tits and ass who speak entirely through auto-tuned swearing. Mostly I’m just staring plaintively skyward and praying for Good Taste Jesus to make the bad music to go away.

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Beyonce And Jay Z Probably Splitting And Shit Around The Web

By Jack July 22, 2014 @ 1:30 PM


America’s second most annoying couple, Jay Z and Beyonce, are rumored to be splitting up. The reason seems to be that Jay Z likes to stick his dick in other women while Beyonce’s independently wealthy and doesn’t need that shit.

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