Wednesday Afternoon Headlines

ANGELINA JOLIE - might be pregnant again, meaning she and Brad Pitt will soon have their seventh child. To be honest I'm not even sure if that's what the story said, it just seems like something they would do. (hollywood life) BEYONCE - lip-synched yesterday at the... read more

Beyonce will perform at the Super Bowl

It won't be official until tomorrow, but the Associated Press is reporting that Beyonce has signed on to perform at halftime for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. Gosh I wonder if Jay Z will surprise everyone by joining her for a song? An even better choice would have... read more

Beyonce to direct and star in movie about Beyonce

You can never get too much Beyonce according to Beyonce, so she wants to make a documentary about herself. Gosh, I wonder if it'll be flattering. The LA Times says... Knowles (has) been shopping a nonfiction film to Hollywood studios about the celebrity's life and... read more

Kim Kardashian is already freaking out Beyonce

Kim Kardashian is still desperate to parlay her relationship with Kanye West into a friendship with Beyonce and Jay Z, so she reportedly spent $5,000 on a gold bracelet with pink and white diamonds for their daughter Blue Ivy, and then engraved it with a very... read more

Beyonce wore this "sexy" see-thru dress

Beyonce wore this see-thru dress to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual ball in New York last night, though it was actually just a normal black dress until she put it on and then her ass stretched the material too thin. (image source of beyonce at the met gala bala... read more

People magazine has to be joking

In what can only be explained as some kind of clerical error, People magazine has named Beyonce as the Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Beyonce. Knowles. The most beautiful woman. In the entire world. Not that there's anything wrong with her, but there's nothing right... read more

it's Beyonce and her new baby

Having a baby and then auctioning off the first pictures of it to a magazine or tabloid is a tawdry and tasteless thing for celebrities to do. And that's why people like Jennifer Lopez do it. Jay Z and Beyonce are clearly above that however, and tonight they posted 5... read more

Beyonce is a perfect circle now

Beyonce was out in NYC last night, making her first public appearance since giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy last month, and also making it more and more ironic that her name is practically "buoyancy". (image source = inf, splash) [gallery... read more

Beyonce spent $3,500 on a baby crib

It may not be true that Beyonce and Jay Z spent $1.3 million to rent out the entire floor of her hospital maternity ward, thus giving their baby a warped sense of entitlement from the very beginning, but they did apparently spend $3,500 on a baby crib, or as Mariah Carey... read more

Why did Beyonce and Jay Z pick the name Blue Ivy

Some people laughed when Jay Z and Beyonce had their little girl last weekend and named her Blue Ivy, and they were right to laugh because Blue Ivy is a stupid name. But now, in a story titled, "Why Did Beyonce Name Her Baby Blue Ivy?", says the answer might... read more

Oprah gives terrible baby presents

Oprah Winfrey has sent a gift to Beyonce and Jay Z for their new baby girl; a trunk full of children's books. In other words, a giant ugly black thing filled with simple messages from someone who isn't actually good at anything but wants lots of money anyway. It'll be... read more

Beyonce had a little girl, named her Blue Ivy

Beyonce didn't look like she was 2 days away from giving birth when these pictures were taken Thursday (ahem) but apparently she was, because she and Jay Z had a baby girl Saturday night that they named Blue Ivy. Which is no dumber than any other celebrity name as long... read more