GinaMarie Zimmerman Wants To Be In Playboy

By Travis April 02, 2014 @ 9:00 AM

Former Big Brother contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman is still trying to become a celebrity despite the fact that her one true claim to fame was calling welfare “n*gger insurance” on an episode of the CBS show. GinaMarie apparently told TMZ that her new dream is to be in Playboy, which would make a fine addition to her already fulfilled dreams of being a terrible actress and an even worse singer. Some people think that she deserves another chance because she already apologized for being a racist, and I agree. In fact, GinaMarie could team up with George Zimmerman for their own porn movie, in which they’re both gangbanged by and endless line of huge black guys. They could call it Stand Your Pound.

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Aaryn Gries Is One Great Looking Racist (VIDEO)

By Lex July 03, 2013 @ 4:35 PM

What’s the world to do with a hot female racist? Paula Deen was easy to handle. She’s a fat Southern cook. She’s replaceable. But this chick Aaryn Gries who’s been whispering nasty comments about gays and Asians and blacks on live Internet feeds from The Big Brother house. This needs some thinking. Maybe some kind of bondage with light but assertive paddling? That ought to teach her a lesson. Live. On camera. After 11pm naturally. I’m guess nobody in casting foresaw that a girl whose first name is a variation of the word Aryan might have some unkind words to say about her minority housemates. Or, more likely, they did.

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