Bill O’Reilly Blames God For Bad Behavior

Not too long before, the big guy upstairs used to be the glue that held certain societies together. Someone to pray to in the face of danger and after unprotected sex with strippers.  read more

Bill O’Reily Drags Man's Best Friend Into Kneelgate

 The only way to get people to pay attention on social media is to say something shocking. Otherwise you’re just like every other account.  read more

Bill O'Reilly Limits Out on Harassment Law Suits

Sexual harassment is a supremely gray area we pretend is a hard science for the sake of political expediency. A solid chunk of men accused of sexual harassment are innocent, while a solid chunk never accused are guilty. It's one of those things we get wrong more than... read more

Bill O'Reilly Losing Advertisers

Bill O'Reilly has the highest rated show on cable news. He's a cash cow for Fox. They're not sweating a paltry $13 million in payouts to O'Reilly's civil accusers through the years. read more

The Barack Obama Muslim Wedding Photos Are Certain to Go Unnoticed

There's a solid chunk of Americans who believe Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim. Photos broadcast by Bill O'Reilly on his TV show of Obama in Muslim garb attending his half-brother's wedding twenty-five year ago ought to quell those rumors. What this photo shows most... read more