Christy Carlson Romano is naked. And it's awesome.

Christy Carlson Romano is the girl who does the voice of Kim Possible on the Disney Channel cartoon, and before that she starred in 'Even Stevens', which was also on the Disney Channel, but after that she took off all her clothes for the new movie, ‘Mirrors 2', and OHMYFUCKINGGOD was it great. This girl is amazing. She looks like a 20-year-old Gina Gershon, but with a rock hard body. And she's skinny with big tits....

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Demi and Ashton have an open marriage

Demi Moore is well liked and respected these days, so it's easy to forget that her childhood was a mess. Her family was the Kennedys of white trash. She never knew her biological dad, and thought her step-dad was her real dad until she was 14. Her mom and step-dad were alcoholics and would get into violent fights. They moved constantly. She had kidney problems. She was cross-eyed and had to wear an eye patch....

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Lindsay Lohan has entered rehab. For the 6th time.

Officially Lindsay Lohan has been in 4 different drug rehabs (she checked into Wonderland on 1.17.07, Promises on 3.28.07, Cirque Lodge on 8.6.07, and UCLA on 8.2.10) but it's 5 if you count when she entered Pickford Lots on 6.15.10, just before appearing before a judge after violating probation. Oh, hey, while we're on the subject of going through the motions to trick a judge... "A source tells X17 that Lindsay Lohan...

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Katy Perry is a really good actress

Katy Perry was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and she was in a sketch about who the hell knows (video under the cut). If their plan was to create the worlds most popular .gif, mission accomplished.

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Heidi Montags bikini fell off (note: not really)

Heidi Montag is back in LA now, but today there are sexy new paparazzi pictures of her in Costa Rica last week. As you can see in the picture above, she was frolicking in the ocean with a photographer, as people do, when a wave crashed in and took her bikini top off! Waaiit, wait, I jumped the gun. My bad. Her bikini is still on. Oh never mind it is off. I guess I was mistaken. At first it appeared as if the wave...

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Kim Kardashian is mad at Playboy

Playboy has released 7 new pictures from Kim Kardashians famous 2007 pictorial (people are saying it's 25, but it's 7. The other ones aren't new. Don't worry about... look, do we have to humiliate me every single day, just take my word on it), which she now says she regrets ever having taken. She tells Harpers Bazaar (via the Huffington Post)... "I'm sorry I did Playboy. I was uncomfortable," she remembers, though at...

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'Machete' is gonna be a good movie

Robert Rodriguez got a lot of free press for his new movie 'Machete' when he cast Lindsay Lohan in a minor but pivotal role as a famous girl with big boobs who appears naked in the movie 'Machete'. But who knew that the super hot Mayra Leal was gonna be naked too? Hopefully she did, because she hides a cell phone in her vagina in this clip that's leaked online, and if they just kind of sprung this on her at the last...

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Salma Hayek understands fashion

Salma Hayek went to Madeo in Los Angeles last night for dinner, and to make the night special she squeezed her size Huge breasts into a top made for toddlers. After seeing Anne Hathaway earlier, I wish there was some way to bring back segregation but stick me in with the Latin girls. Because they all have long hair and big tits. I don't know if that's how segregation works because I don't read, but I don't think Latin...

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Friday morning headlines

RIHANNA - says there is no typo on her tat, as was reported yesterday. "Rebelle fleur translates to rebel flower, NOT rebellious flower, it's 2 nouns so in that case fleur does not HAVE to be first!" So see. Her dumb tat works on a lot of different levels. (ok!) JENNIFER LOPEZ - was too big a bitch for 'American Idol' to deal with, and now she's tweeting pictures of her diamonds to… um, prove it, I guess. NOTE more

Jennifer Lopez already got fired from American Idol

In 2004, when Jennifer Lopez made a guest appearance on ‘Will and Grace', the show had to hire 75 assistants just for her, including an eyebrow specialist and someone whose job was to hold her coat (source). And that was to tape 5 minutes on a sitcom. A few weeks ago, she agreed to be a judge on 'American Idol', which is often 2 hours long and live. Well, prepare for the shock of a lifetime, but when it came time to...

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Paris Hilton is a damn witch

Two weeks ago Paris Hilton was topless on a yacht in Italy (4 new pics start here), and last night she was at a party in West Hollywood for the launch of her perfume Tease, and somehow between then and now she grew fantastic tits. This is why guys hate girls. You meet them and it's all a god damn lie (like this scene from 'I'm Gonna Git You Sucka'). 10 days ago she was flat as a board, nothing has changed since then, more

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr got married

Victorias Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr (seen here during a shoot in the Caribbean last July) and Orlando Bloom (image not available) have been dating since 2007, but they've always stayed out of the spotlight. In fact it was only last month when word leaked that they were engaged. Now it turns out they're already on their honeymoon, and the only reason anyone even knows that is because Kerr had to release a...

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paris hilton is topless, in trouble for weed again

It might be stupid that marijuana is illegal in most countries, but it is, so you have to be smart if you want to carry some when you travel. Needless to say Paris Hilton is dumb as a rock, so she's been detained twice this month in foreign countries for possession. First at the World Cup in South Africa on July 2nd, and then again Friday in Corsica. The Daily Mail says... "Hilton was taken aside as she landed at...

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tyler has sexy readers

UPDATE - I don't know why I continue to be such a vacillating, no-decision making spaz with this contest but I keep changing things around and all it does is screw it up. Hopefully I'll magically get smart overnight and figure it out by next week. Even Fiona and her hotness was a major problem, at least for other girls. Because according to the email and the thousands who voted, unless you are Fiona, there's a very...

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thursday headlines

MEL GIBSON - might have hit his 6-month-old daughter Lucia, causing bruises, during a fight with his ex Oksana. So really it sounds more like Oksanas fault than Mels. Stop using babies as a shield you crazy bitch. (hp) SUICIDE GIRLS - won't be allowed at this years Comic-Con for some dumb reason, even though they're much more in line with that culture than shit like "Chuck". The most popular models will be more