lets all pretend X-Men 3 never happened

Brett Ratner is such a shitty director that when he was done with ‘X-Men: The Last Stand', the franchise had to literally go back in time before it existed and start over. Which is how we got 'X-Men: First Class' from the terrific Matthew Vaughn. Now the sequel to that is back with Bryan Singer (who directed the first two), and he was twitter this afternoon to announce that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will be...read more

Brian Grazer will produce the Oscars

Brian Grazer, one of the most accomplished and respected producers in Hollywood, has agreed to replace Brett Ratner as the producer for this years Oscar telecast. There's still no host to replace the departed Eddie Murphy, but one of the top choices seems to be Neil Patrick Harris. Who will definitely rehearse if nothing else wink wink. (source = hollywood reporter)read more

Eddie Murphy out as Oscar host

Brett Ratner is the one who convinced Eddie Murphy to host the Academy Awards on February 26th, so now that Ratner has been fired for saying "fag", Murphy is stepping down too. Maybe because he really really likes saying "fag". (source = hollywood reporter)read more

Brett Ratner got fired from the Oscars

Brett Ratner has been forced out as producer of this years Academy Awards telecast, and yes it's because of Hollywoods predictably typical PC bullshit. Deadline says... This comes hours after Academy president Tom Sherak said he was standing behind Ratner despite his using the word "fag" in a Q&A to promote Tower Heist, and speaking graphically about his sex life on the cable TV show Attack of the Show and also in...read more

Brett Ratner made Lindsay get tested for STDs

Brett Ratner is absolutely the kind of director who would have sex with young actresses, and Lindsay Lohan is absolutely the kind of young actress who would have sex with a director, so naturally these two had sex for a few months back in 2006, according to Ratner. Oh but he wasn't done embarrassing her yet. "Before I have sex with a girl, I do do one weird thing," Ratner said. "I do take ‘em to the doctor and check ‘...read more

Brett Ratner lied about "banging" Olivia Munn

Brett Ratner had a perfectly terrible weekend, and that's awesome because he's a shitty director and an asshole and no one deserves success less than he does. Here's a recap: FRIDAY: Ratner explained that the reason his movies look like no one bothered to rehearse is because no one bothered to rehearse. Then he added the word "fags". "After a screening of his new movie 'Tower Heist' at L.A.'s Arclight Cinemas, the...read more

Brett Ratner masturbates with shrimp

You know how you'll hear Hollywood stories about skeezy directors who use their status to get young girls to sleep with them? Well for the last 10 years most of those stories have been about Brett Ratner (this tub of shit), who somehow still gets jobs (like producing this years Oscar telecast) despite the fact the he's never made a movie that was anything but awful. For example: In Olivia Munn's memoir, "Suck It,...read more

'Tower Heist' will not be on-demand, will be terrible

Because this sort of thing seems inevitable, Universal had planned to offer 'Tower Heist', the new movie from horrible director Brett Ratner, in select markets as an on-demand for $60, just three weeks after it had ben released in theaters on November 4th. But now the threat of a boycott from theater owners has killed that plan, meaning everyone will just have to not see 'Tower Heist' the old fashioned way. (source = ...read more

somethin for the ladies...

Dimwitted pervert Brett Ratner is on St Barths today with some unknown daredevil who presumably lets him fumble around on top of her, and for her sake I hope she isn't using any cocoa butter stuff on that tight young body of hers. You don't want butter flavored skin when you're trapped on a boat with one of natures purest sources of fat and stomachs. (source = fame images)read more


The New York Post has a series of set reports today documenting how insufferable the "talent" can be on a movie set, starting with Chris Tucker, who cant be bothered to come out of his trailer on the set of "Rush Hour 3". A source says:"He won't come out of his trailer until the script is up to his standards. What, $25 million isn't enough to just do your job and act?" Brett Ratner, the tubby hack director of Rush...read more