Brooke Burke Deserves a Good Shvitz

I still like this Brooke Burke chick a lot. She's birthed some Duggar family number of offspring without the need to brag about how many vegan dieting socially progressive kids she's produced for this world. She also had cancer and instead of bitching about it on daytime TV, spent her time starting a lingerie line for hot moms to wear silky shit to try and make as many babies as she has. She probably shits pre-washed...

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Brooke Burke is more like it

Brooke Burke is 41 now, but she still looks incredible, and I know she has two kids which would normally be a deal-breaker because kids are awful and I hate them, but that's what English boarding schools are for, and crooked adoption agencies who don't ask a lot of questions about where the kid came from. (image source of brooke yesterday after a workout in malibu - fame/flynet) [gallery id="6316"]

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Brooke Burke cant hide in a bikini

It looks like ‘Dancing with the Stars' host Brooke Burke was trying to be low-key while at a pool in Miami today with her husband David Charvet, but it didn't work. Because she's famous and famous people are easy to spot. It's not like we're penguins for fucks sake. (image source = fame/flynet, pacific coast) [gallery ids="1077911,1077921,1077931,1077941,1077942,1077951,1077952,1077962,1077972,1077981,1077991"]

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Monday headlines, with Brooke Burke in a bikini

JESSICA ALBA - gave birth to her second child Saturday night, another baby girl, named Haven Garner Warren. There's no word on if Alba is home from the hospital yet, but since she's Mexican she'll probably stop at the mall first to have Havens ears pierced. (facebook) AUSTIN POWERS 4 - is or is not on the way. Hit Fix says the deal is done, Deadline says nothing is official yet. For now, Halloween stores more


Brooke Burke and her husband David Charvet brought Burger King hamburgers and french fries to the homeless in Santa Monica this weekend. And while it probably won't make any lasting change in the homeless situation, I guess it's better than my plan, which is to point at them. [gallery columns="6"]

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Brooke Burke gave birth to a baby daughter yesterday at St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica. Burke, 35, and her fiancé David Charvet, 34, named the baby Heaven Rain. Its Brookes third daughter, proving once and for all that god is a man. People says:"Brooke had a very smooth delivery, with her fiancé David by her side," rep Nancy Iannios tells PEOPLE exclusively. "They are thrilled to be back at home now with their...

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Everyone agrees that pregnant chicks are creepy, but Brooke Burke still looks fantastic. Maybe it's because she's only 4 months pregnant or maybe it's because Brooke Burke looks like Brooke Burke. Either way, this is bad news for her fiancé David Charvet, because if I remember Mayan history right, and I'm pretty sure I do, if I eat the heart of my enemy, I gain their powers. [gallery ids="1050,1051,1052,1055"]

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