Kris Jenner Spins Like a Spider (VIDEO)

Kris Jenner has a PhD in the manipulation of the human celery stalks comprising her family's fan base. She can spin an embarrassing loss into a win with legendary agility. read more

Bruce Jenner Ruins Caitlyn

When Bruce Jenner added tits and designer gowns and courageously announced he was now Caitlyn, his tranny theatrics had an impact on more than merely his friends and family, and to a slight degree, that woman he vehicular killed on PCH. He also murdered the name Caitlyn. read more

Bruce Jenner Ditches The Dong

Caitlyn Jenner has finally ridded herself of her obtrusive and no doubt bottom quartile penis and underwent sexual reassignment surgery right in time for a new memoir. Jenner now has a vagina, or more accurately a facsimile of a vagina.  read more

Rachel Dolezal Ties Anchor to Bruce Jenner

Rachel Dolezal earnestly believes the contents of her book. If you've been on the fence about keeping a gun in your home, consider all the crazy people out there in decent clothing.  read more

Bruce Jenner Back in the Saddle

Bruce Jenner's tits and jaunty lady laugh couldn't carry his own reality show, but he's back in the mix on the mothership filming for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Bruce may be on his fiftieth year of transitioning into a lady, but he still loves the manly pursuits of... read more

No Country for Old Men With Tits

E! is canceling I Am Cait after two seasons of what they unashamedly referred to as a documentary of a transitioning transexual. That sounded more grown up than Gay Bruce Gets Tits and Rides a Party Bus. Which is what the show was, though somehow producers managed to make... read more

Bruce Jenner Finally Gets the Cock

Bruce Jenner went longer on his plan to get cock without being labeled gay than any man before him. Fuck the decathlon gold. His signature achievement is in the plotting, surgeries, press releases, wardrobe, speeches, and down low camouflage cover stories all with the... read more

SI Late to the Bruce Jenner Lady Ass Kissing Party

Bruce Jenner didn't just get tits and a new wardrobe consultant. He became the touchstone media outlets to boost ratings and build LGBT bona fides under the guise of sports celebrity coverage. ESPN busted Bruce's cherry with their cynically chosen Arthur Ashe Courage... read more

Caitlyn Not Playing in Congo

The entire African Continent has only one satellite television provider, MultiChoice. Cable was out of the question because you had to tunnel under the ebola corpse landfills. Plus written permission from Simba. read more

Caitlyn Jenner Naked in SI

Caitlyn Jenner naked. Not since 'Chipotle burrito, why?' have three words caused such a shit your pants panic. It was inevitable. Sports Illustrated bid to be the first magazine to get the unclothed Bruce. That says more about Time Warner begging for progressive points... read more

Bruce Jenner Dons Wig To Pee In Trump Tower (VIDEO)

Bruce Jenner has shown he will go to great lengths to prove his point. Like how you can't be gay if you're sucking a dick while identifying as a woman. Also that he's a legit tranny activist and not just a rich poser playing dress up. read more

Kris Jenner Struggles

There can't be anything more tortured than Kris Jenner talking to Ellen about Bruce Jenner turning into Caitlyn Jenner and dating men. Bruce Jenner has gone to more extreme lengths to cover up the fact that he loved the man cock than any other male born on this planet.... read more