SI Late to the Bruce Jenner Lady Ass Kissing Party

Bruce Jenner didn't just get tits and a new wardrobe consultant. He became the touchstone media outlets to boost ratings and build LGBT bona fides under the guise of sports celebrity coverage. ESPN busted Bruce's cherry with their cynically chosen Arthur Ashe Courage Awards. The line of sloppy Caitlyn seconds was long and fierce. Entertainment outlets, fashion magazines, news channels, social organizations, all more

Caitlyn Not Playing in Congo

The entire African Continent has only one satellite television provider, MultiChoice. Cable was out of the question because you had to tunnel under the ebola corpse landfills. Plus written permission from more

Caitlyn Jenner Naked in SI

Caitlyn Jenner naked. Not since 'Chipotle burrito, why?' have three words caused such a shit your pants panic. It was inevitable. Sports Illustrated bid to be the first magazine to get the unclothed Bruce. That says more about Time Warner begging for progressive points than any cultural shift en masse. Guys who like sports haven't suddenly found a passion for tranny. Exclusive of those already wing-manning for more

Bruce Jenner Dons Wig To Pee In Trump Tower (VIDEO)

Bruce Jenner has shown he will go to great lengths to prove his point. Like how you can't be gay if you're sucking a dick while identifying as a woman. Also that he's a legit tranny activist and not just a rich poser playing dress more

Kris Jenner Struggles

There can't be anything more tortured than Kris Jenner talking to Ellen about Bruce Jenner turning into Caitlyn Jenner and dating men. Bruce Jenner has gone to more extreme lengths to cover up the fact that he loved the man cock than any other male born on this planet. So in denial about being an athlete stud who wanted to be in a dress taking it up the dumper, he turned himself into a woman so that he could more

I Am Cait Is Almost Here (VIDEO)

It seems like just yesterday that ten million politically correct retards threw their arms in the air and exalted the birth of Caitlin Jenner. It was like the broken marriages and child abandonment and vehicular manslaughters and sexualization of young daughters never happened. Baptism in the river tranny. Vagina Dad's new five million dollar pay day is set to launch with Caitlin filming herself verite in her more

The Kardashians Made ESPN Their Bitch

Every now and then Ray J pipes up and takes credit for creating the Kardashian empire. His jizz fling was theeye of newt potion that turned that tawdry family from dead OJ accomplice and his cheatingwidowinto a media juggernaut. Without that reality show, Bruce Jenner goes to his grave as Bruce Jenner in pants. There is no light bulb moment when an ex-athlete who can't confront his gay starts picturing himself more

ESPN Takes a Month to Perfect Its Lie

Everybody with an IQ above Kardashianunderstands why ESPN picked Caitlin Jenner to receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY's. It's the same reason you told that girlin high school with the big tits how smart and funny she was. Why dance around the base human desire for sex and money?It's normal. Apologize like you mean it, take your ratings boost, and move on. Back in June at the announcement,ESPN issued more

Caitlyn Jenner Happy Father's Day

Caitlyn Jenner celebrated Father's Day with her children. If you think that sentence sounds absurd you're either a bigot or just kind of smart or neither. This was presumably for a segment of the impending reality show where a dude gets super self righteous about wearing a dress. All the key grips offed themselves. I'm assuming these people all smell like shit. Accept for Jenner's pony tailed rebellious son with more

Caitlyn Jenner's Face Cost $70,000

According to Blue Book estimates on a 1949 Douche, Bruce Jenner spent $70,000 to have a brow lift, facial rejuvenation surgery, botox injections, cheek implants, a shaved Adam's apple and a blue rubber band from a stock of broccoli to help tuck his balls behind his legs. This goes to show anyone can find their true selves if they have an extra 70k laying around fromencouraging their daughters to drop out of more

Caitlyn Jenner and the Myth of Tolerance

The curious case of Caitlyn Jenner exposes once more the intellectually dishonestdebate over tolerance. Tolerance is an empty slogan employedby individualswith an agenda seeking toforestalldissension. It's no different than politicians waving the flagaround military budgetsor hate mongers playing on base fears as a means to an end. Tolerance is held up as a goal in and of itself, meaning, its moral superiority more

Bruce Jenner Begins Life as a Completely Self-Absorbed Woman

The release of the heavily airbrushed photos of the world's worstfather caused everybody and their former Little League baseball coach to stop and think, fuck, I'd like to be a hot woman. No gay. Jinx. Bruce Jenner has made transitioning into a beautifully Photoshopped woman half his age look like a breeze. If you happen to have a couple hundred grand and six months of free time, I'd say, you might get halfway more

Well, Hello Caitlyn Jenner, Meow

By way of instant update, Bruce Jenner went with Caitlyn. Classy, mysterious, modern. Caitlyn is a girl that goes to Fashion School by day and solves apartment complex small crimes by night. She likes men, but loves her independence. She knows the IQ test is rigged, how else to explain how she's almost entirely independent from her parents, or will be in just seven more years. Some days she has gangster rap rolling more

Bruce Jenner Goes With Kaitlyn

According to InTouch Weekly, whose sources consist of overweight El Salvadoran women peering into crystal balls next to Santeria shops, Vagina Dad has chosen Kaitlyn for his butterfly name.Anyone familiar with the Kardashian-E! money printing machine knows the real tranny name is likely being held under lock and key for a FIFA level cash payment. Still,I'm going to give Kaitlyn a whirl just to break from the pack more

Vagina Dad Saving His Nickels

Turning into a woman has any number of challenges. Not the least of which is affording a new wardrobe. Bruce Jenner is trying to get a wrongful death civil suit filed by the step-kids of the woman he traffic killed in Malibu earlier this year thrown out of court. Jenner claims that the plaintiffs barely had any contact with their stepmom and never relied on her for financial support. Also, they were only a more