Bruce Jenner Looks Kind of Bitchy

By Lex January 15, 2015 @ 1:30 PM

Bruce Jenner Mad About InTouch Cover

Bruce Jenner is steaming mad about a cover photos put out by InTouch magazine that features him with lipstick and full lady like appearance. I can’t say I blame him. It’s probably okay to show a picture of him looking like an upset 80′s supermodel, but not cool to doctor him to look like Doubtfire. If you don’t think the tranny mullahs are whipping up fervor about this kind of desecration in the intersex camps. Think again. I’d double down on the private security, InTouch. Nobody gave a shit when you invented a magazine just to make up stories, but posting images of the transgender prophet is going to get you the full Omar.

Photo Credit: INF/InTouch

Bruce Jenner Jumps the Gate at Elton John

By Lex October 06, 2014 @ 12:09 PM

Shaving your Adam’s apple, borrowing your wife’s Spanx, and growing a coiffed pony tail doesn’t make you gay. Jumping the fence to see Elton John in concert, that makes you gay. You can’t blame the former decathlete. You put a hurdle in front of Bruce Jenner and instincts are going to kick in. Especially when you might miss Tiny Dancer because you were waiting for your blush to set.

I’m sure there are some American males who grew up with Bruce Jenner as their iconic muscle-bound hero who might have a difficult time with his latter day persona. But those people ought to now revel in the freedom Bruce feels to pump his moisturized hands in the air and scream out, Levon!

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Kris Jenner Gender Shaming Bruce Jenner

By Lex September 10, 2014 @ 3:08 PM

If Bruce Jenner wants to style his long hair and wear Spanx and nail polish and shave his various male points of distinction, fuck it, he won America a Gold Medal during a horrible gas crisis. We as a nation should collectively pick up a scalpel and give him the best damn vagina possible. We’re not licensed to practice, so maybe just pass around a collection plate to pay a Swedish doctor to give him a sweet as honey cunny.

Apparently Kris Jenner finds her future ex-husband’s feminine longings to be annoying and undeserved. She’s been mocking his hairdressing sessions and girdle wearing like she doesn’t understand gender identity disorder is a real thing for many aging former decathletes. Bruce, don’t hang your head. The wicked witch might think that lady parts are only good for sales and marketing, but we know they just make you feel complete. A woman who has used her vagina for so much destruction couldn’t possibly understand your pure intentions.

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Bruce Jenner Might Be Seeing A Sex Change Coach

By Travis April 03, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Bruce Jenner just returned from Thailand, where he and his ex-wife vacationed with their daughters, including Kim Kardashian, who made the family famous by letting Ray J fuck her on camera, and a lot of people seemed to think he was over there to have his sex change operation done. While that didn’t happen, Radar claims that Bruce is still meeting with his old tennis buddy and transgendered person, Dr. Renée Richards, for consultation about possibly becoming a woman. The doctor supposedly told Bruce that a sex change procedure is “a serious, life-altering procedure and is not something to do unless you absolutely have no other choice,” and that he should consider antidepressants because of the emotional toll that the decision and process can take on a person. I’m sure it is, but this still seems like way too much effort to simply pretend that he never married Kris Jenner in the first place.

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Bruce Jenner Loves Manly Shit Like RC Helicopters

By Lex March 17, 2014 @ 3:39 PM

Bruce Jenner Picks Up His RC Miniature Helicopter From The Repair Shop

The Kardashian publicity machine came up with the line a few months back that Bruce Jenner is still very much a man totally into sports and riding his motorcycle and flying his remote controlled helicopters. They also mentioned bear wrestling, sexually assaulting peasant girls in Laos and a few other quintessential masculine past times as re-imagined by an entirely gay P.R. staff. It is true, RC models are pretty damn manly. How many times have you seen a guy piloting one of those model planes and thought to yourself, damn, that dude reeks of raw ball sac. When he’s done packing up his batteries and his remote and carefully covering his hobby craft in its velvet-lined cape and packing it neatly into the back of his Forester, he’s probably off to defile my woman. Naturally, it’s harder to keep the archetypal male persona when your new tits are coming in and you’ve got lesbian golfer hair, but if anybody can pull it off, it’s one time Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner. I bet he still occasionally climbs in Kris Jenner’s window and fucks her hard just to uncork his massive overflow of ungodly masculine sperm and/or to borrow one of her chambray tops.

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Well, Hey There, Sexy La…. What, Bruce Jenner!

By Lex March 12, 2014 @ 8:18 AM

When I think about how Kardashian proximity has emasculated former lunch box hero Bruce Jenner, I want to punch Kris Jenner in her girdle restricted paunch so hard that Khloe passes gas. Maybe this guy was a ticking estrogen time bomb from birth, but there’s no disputing that living in a freak show for twenty years is going to rub you off a little freaky. Based on my projections, we’ve got six months, plus or minus two weeks, before we see Bruce on TMZ in a sullen mug shot wearing way too much eyeliner and an off-centered pigtail. I’m just glad his kids are already indignant high school dropouts so this couldn’t possibly harm them.

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