Mariah Carey Drops Boy Toy

Mariah Carey is a national treasure. Her mental instability brings joy to millions of Americans anxious to see another star implode right through her girdle. But Carey will never go full Shelley Duvall. Dr. Phil won’t have the pleasure of exploiting her as he journeys... read more

Mariah and Bryan Flaming Passion

There's no book on how to maintain your beard that isn't chiefly about facial hair grooming. You'd think by now one of the more successful female entertainers would've put together a How-To guide to running your male companion show pony.  read more

Mariah Carey Confirms Her Beard

Rumors of Mariah Carey's relationship with her dance team member Bryan Tanaka were heretofore only rumors. Or technically a paid publicity campaign according to her Schedule C business write-offs. Carey officially confirmed the blatantly staged romance for the first time... read more

Mariah Carey's Boyfriend Just Got Gayer

Mariah Carey's new reality show features her gay boyfriend Bryan Tanaka jumping out of a cake and giving her a lap dance. They were initially going to do it the other way around, but Tanaka is a dancer and there's a good chance he'd never walk again. read more

Mariah Carey And Masculine Boyfriend Can't Stop Fucking Like Man and Woman

It's no business to me who another man is fucking. But if you're going to insist on having your publicity department funnel an endless series of insider stories and photos of your client's new totally heterosexual hardon Lothario, people have the right to ask some... read more

Mariah Carey Striking Back (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey is serving up the best kind of revenge on her recent ex-fiancé. The kind where you pretend you're having a fling with your young male backup dancer. read more