Two Of The Buckwild People Made A Sex Tape

After cast member Shain Gandee died earlier this month, MTV chose to cancel the reality series Buckwild, which was basically West Virginia's answer to the Jersey Shore. But while the show's creator shops the series to other networks so he can continue showcasing the stupidity of America's youth, those crazy kids need to make money in other ways. That includes amateur pornography. Shae Bradley, billed as "The more

Buckwild Star Shain Gandee Died the Way He Lived

It's sad when any young guy who seemingly isn't such a bad guy dies. Sure, we could blame MTV, but they didn't invent stupidity, they only foster it, highlight it, and make tons of money from exploiting it. Like the good and decent country folk of Buckwild who like most MTV reality shows seem destined for trouble. Or in the case of Shain Gandee, death. In the latest update, it looks like Shain, his uncle, and more