Scarlett Johansson's Tits Are Pregnant

Soon, Scarlett Johansson will be bringing new life into this world with her French boyfriend Jean Valjean or something like that. While most people voted for Scarlett not to get pregnant so they could continue masturbating to her old body, they probably didn't consider how much bigger her already big tits would get. Just look at her on the red carpet. She almost makes me want to pay $12 to watch Chris Evans try more

Scarlett Johansson Looks Good In Captain America 2

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is currently filming in Los Angeles, and these new set photos show Chris Evans picking on a nerdy bald guy while Scarlett Johansson stands behind him, using her super power of looking fantastic with fake red hair and leather pants. Johansson's Black Widow also joins in on the ass-kicking, but it's actually her stunt double, in case you were starting to get excited about your...

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its the secret Captain America / Avengers footage

If you've seen 'Captain America' by now, you know that it ends with the first look at 'the Avengers'. And if you havent seen it by now, um, well it ends with the first look at 'the Avengers'. But why sit through an entire movie (like a fool!) when you can use the internet to see Thor throw a hammer in the woods today, right now! Why is he throwing a hammer? Because fuck those trees, that's why. (HD copies here)

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Monday headlines, with milf Adrianna Lima

AMY WINEHOUSE - will be buried tomorrow in a private funeral service in London. So for her sake I hope she's actually dead. (abc news) CAPTAIN AMERICA - won the weekend box office with $65.1 million, Harry Potter was second with $47.4M, and 'Friends With No Strings' was third with $18.6M. It would have made more but it turns out that Justin Timberlake is a jackass and nobody likes him. (box office mojo) JENNIFER LOPEZ...

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'Captain America' looks like a good movie

'Captain America' had it's premiere last night at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood, which of course means that English actress Hayley Atwell was there. Atwell plays Peggy Carter, who is part of the program that transforms Steve Rodgers from a scrawny kid into a superhero. Atwell and her huge breasts act as the moral compass of the film, and as her relationship with Rogers grows more intimate and a romance develops,...

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Thursday headlines, with sex tapes and lawsuits

MARILYN MONROE - allegedly is the star of a newly discovered 8mm film showing her having sex when she was 20. The owner is trying to sell it, though hopefully this is just a police sting to identify guys who want to watch a girl who's been dead for 50 years have sex. (cbs) SNOOKI AND MIKE TYSON - are 2 of the names being mentioned to face off on 'Dancing With The Stars'. And hopefully in an assault trial after more

Captain America finally has a trailer

If you love America and/or sell steroids, then Captain America is probably the movie you're most excited about this summer, and finally today there's a full length trailer. It takes place during World War II, back when superheroes could just walk around shooting people, presumably bad ones. A Fine Time It Was! (hd copies, including full 1080, here.)

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Friday headlines

CAPTAIN AMERICA - has released a new pic, this time showing Chris Evans in full uniform during WWII. Long after we stopped using shields. Why did people stop using shields? Those seem helpful. (ew) RYAN REYNOLDS AND SANDRA BULLOCK - are still doing all the things people do when they're dating yet they claim their not dating. Now he's reportedly bonding with her adopted son. So he went from 26yo Scarlett Johansson to a...

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Captain America is all buff, has radioactive feet

Chris Evans is in Manchester, England today filming ‘Captain America' and, for his sake, hopefully these pictures show him as Steve Rogers after entering the Super Soldier program. A scientist played by Stanley Tucci injects Rogers with experimental drugs, and he's given super strength, endurance, and agility. And giant melty feet. And apparently something magical is happening to his dong too, though I don't remember...

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the captain america movie won't be all american-y

The LA Times has an interview today with Joe Johnston, a director who has been in Hollywood for 30 years but has never actually made a movie that didn't completely suck. Next up for Joe is my beloved Captain America, and he's not off to the greatest start in the world with this one either. "He's a guy that wants to serve his country but he's not a flag-waver. We're reinterpretating sort of what the comic book version...

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capt. america is gonna be a good movie

Earlier today it was reported that 'Iron Man 2' will feature very brief cameos from Captain America and Thor (although Thor can be seen getting his mugshot in this clip), and yesterday it came out that ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer' creator Joss Whedon will direct ‘The Avengers', but the big news was that Hayley Atwell was cast to play Captain Americas love interest. And by "big" I mean "tits". Atwell is playing more

todays top story

Katy Perrys outfit for the Grammys pretty much sucked (pictures here, here, here), but she made up for it with this low cut dress at the EMI after party, guaranteeing her a place on Tyler and a night full of stilted conversations while guys pretended not to stare at her tits. Unfortunately her limey boyfriend was there too, pawin all over her with his grubby little scurvy infected hands, and I could only crop him out...

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