Cee Lo Free To Party

By Matt March 03, 2015 @ 7:34 AM


Cee Lo Green finished his community service with straight A-grades. Green was charged last summer with slipping ecstasy to his Craigslist Hot Women Seeking Fat Midgets date. The courts determined Green and the chick with smaller tits than Green fucked somewhat consensually. They also determined Green had a great time while his date was appraising his headboard for scrap and waiting for him to scream ‘Jesus’. The judge didn’t want to deal with a horny midget and an angry pro so he told Green if he pleaded no contest, he’d just give Green a whole bunch of fake punishments not including jail time. This was the same deal a judge backed out on forty years ago that sent Roman Polansky fleeing to France for forty years. Green isn’t really in fleeing shape so he took the community service and support meetings where he learned that drugging women before sex is not cool in Hillary Clinton’s America.

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Cee-Lo Explains Rape And Shit Around The Web

By Michael September 02, 2014 @ 12:49 PM


Singer and gluten enthusiast Cee-Lo Green took time out from his busy schedule of eating and being accused of sexual assault to explain why he is innocent of slipping a girl MDMA and enjoying the pleasures of her orifices. According to Cee-Lo, it’s only rape if the girl is awake to witness it. I’m pretty sure that’s not the legal standard.

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Cee Lo Did Have Sex With That Woman, But It’s All Cool

By Matt September 01, 2014 @ 6:18 AM


Cee Lo Green copped a plea deal in a case where he was accused of drugging a woman with ecstasy. The woman claims she woke up naked and confused in Cee Lo’s bed. That can’t be a pleasant way to start your day. Cee Lo claims the two of them voluntarily took E together and they had been fucking on the regular. Cee Lo would fly the chick around from time to time and buy her whatever hand bag was worthy of the sexual fantasy he was nursing at the time. Every one kind of agreed that Cee Lo’s offense didn’t amount to date rape but it did amount to the kind of behavior that gets you kicked out of Congress. Green now has to do a shit ton of community service and attend a year’s worth of weekly AA meetings where he will be reminded that the only trustworthy escort is a dead escort.

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Cee Lo Pleads Not Guilty To Drugging A Girl

By Michael October 22, 2013 @ 1:41 PM

Butterball-shaped singer and mentor on The Voice, Cee Lo plead not guilty in court to charges that he tried to drug some chick with Ecstasy. It seems that one day in 2012, Cee Lo may have tried to slip a woman the club drug, presumedly so he  could slip IT to her. The court threw out the attempted rape charge as there is no evidence that the obese midget was drugging her with the intention of rape. No, I’m sure he did it out of the social kindness of his heart. The court is still charging him with one count of dispensing a controlled substance. He could face up to four years being the fuck turtle in prison if convicted.  This being celebrity justice, anticipate a $25,000 fine and community service picking up trash along the Yellow Brick Road.

(photo  via NY Daily News)

Shakira is replacing Christina Aguilera on ‘the Voice’

By brendon September 18, 2012 @ 7:52 PM


Usher and Shakira will replace Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green for the fourth season of ‘the Voice’, though it’s said to be a temporary move so Aguilera can go on tour and Green can record a new album. But maybe it won’t be for one season. Maybe it will be permanent. Or maybe it won’t, look, why are you dragging me into this, I hate that stupid show.

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By brendon March 19, 2007 @ 10:12 AM

Media Take Out is publishing today what they say is an authentic picture that tells the tale of a classic struggle, the battle between Paris Hiltons mouth and a penis.  Who will rule the day!  Media Take Out says:

For weeks MediaTakeOut.com has heard rumors of a tape involving Paris Hilton and Cee Lo from the group Gnarls Barkley. At first we didn't believe it. But now proof of the tape's existence has surfaced.  MediaTakeOut.com has exclusively obtained a pic of what appears to be Paris and the Gnarls Barkley singer engaged in an act.

You can see the very NSFW picture here.  It looks a lot like that top picture, except for more hot penis action!  Keep in mind, Paris Hilton hates black people, so this may be fake.  On the other hand, Paris Hilton does love a good dickin, so it may be real.  Can even the council of heaven sort out this mystery?   I don’t know my friends, I just dont know.