Charli XCX Ass Show And Shit Around The Web

Every time there's a story on Charli XCX, I consider looking up who the fuck she is. Then I stare at her ass for a while and assume she'll be gone before I ever get around to reading. I may be right, I may be wrong, but I manage my time well.

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Charli XCX Busty In Swimwear And Shit Around The Web

Charli XCX is a singer or something. What she definitely is is 2am bar hot and she's got some big 'ol titties.I wish I were a better man to judge her on the merits of her music talent, but i doubt even her loved ones do that. Here she is in some swimsuits for Impulse Fragrance. (Last Man On Earth) Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some hot redheads. (Egotastic All-Stars) Ex-fattie kiddie fiddler Jared Fogle is getting...

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Charli XCX Buying Up

Charli XCX resembles a teen chick from the Island trying to sneak into a nightclub to meet older guys. Don't shoot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the head again. She's only now recovering. Charli'snailing the intersection of music and not at all music She just launched her own label. It was that or bare her breasts and she obviously didn't care to read the voting results. Vroom Vroom Recordings is my new, experimental pop...

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Hot Women Come Out for The AIDS

Girls go nuts for The AIDS. These amFAR events scheduled around the world in concurrence with various Fashion Weeks bring out the best looking ladies. Dress up, show off, there are men with money and not long to live here. Best party ever. Condoms are ten grand each. You're going to want at least two. Photo Credit: Splashread more

Charli XCX Looks Ready

This British singer chick did her best to evoke the sense of battered dock whore circa 1920. It gets people in the mood for giving at these celebrity galas and auctions. Pull out your checkbooks or we'll drown another one of her bastard children in front of her. She was screaming bloody murder five minutes ago. Foundation makes it harder to tell. My god those tits are glorious. Were you heavily influenced by David...

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Charli XCX Drinky Poo Upskirt

You're going to name yourself Charlie XCX and rage all night you've got to get yourself some decent drinking pants. This chick is the British Kesha if God hadn't punished Kesha with the breeding hips of a much large animal species. Lots of heavily produced tracks with simplistic titles and wording that sounds amazing on ecstasy. The kids have to listen to something that will annoy the shit out of their parents still...

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2015 Billboard Music Awards Had to Happen

Ironic Jesus came to me in a dream and told me that if I watched enough music award shows, he'd make something heavy fall on Taylor Swift. A hanging speaker or roof panel or Adele. I relented and watched the Billboard music awards. Kanye was booed by the upper deck and his mom in heaven because he refused to splurge on the platinum lipo package. Mariah Carey was so tightly cinched her head threatened to go Scanners....

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Rita Ora And Charli XCX Seem Musically Gifted

Nothing says my music is ass like just showing off your ass. Fuck, if you could sing through those things I'd download a song or too. The gross levels of sexualization of pop music is tremendous evolutionary step forward. Why can't I fap to a little ass or a chick in a cheerleader outfit while girls struggling with their teen identities pay for the music? The objectification of women is only a problem when it's more

Charli XCX And Her Knickers

At some point the Vegas casinos realized that the next generation no longer wanted to lose their money pretending to be Swingers at the tables, so they invented 'beach clubs' at their outdoor pools. Now, they can un-line the pockets of the millennials who didn't get their quota of day time drinking and date rape in college. Naturally, you can't have Spring Break forever without some crappy music artists singing over...

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