Charlie Sheen spent $26,000 on hookers in two days

Charlie Sheen would actually be kind of cool if all you heard was the sex stuff with hookers and porn stars, because let's not kid each other that sounds awesome, but unfortunately he's also an unstable drug addict given to fits of violence and it's only a matter of time before he kills someone. Until then, it's game on, and today Radar says that, during the same weekend in Vegas that he reportedly had an orgy more

CBS knows Charlie Sheen is a degenerate

Charlie Sheen is the star of televisions number 1 sitcom, but mostly he's famous for being a functioning drug addict and all around piece of shit. Now, the head of CBS says she's worried about his behavior, but as long as he eventually makes it to work and mumbles out his lines, he can rape as much coke as he wants. "We have a high level of concern," said Nina Tassler, CBS entertainment president. "How can we not?" more

Charlie Sheen had an orgy with Bree Olson

When we last saw Charlie Sheen, who is the star of a CBS sitcom about raising a child, he was in Colorado threatening to murder his wife. Wait, no, my bad, he was in New York City kidnapping prostitutes. But this weekend he was in Las Vegas for the Oscars of Porn, the AVN Awards, and, long story short, he banged three porn stars at once, including Bree Olsen, and is still there even though he's supposed to in LA more

Charlie Sheen might be cleared by his text messages

It's illegal to choke a girl and lock her in your hotel bathroom, unless she's awesome and into that kind of thing. And that appears to be the case with Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson, which would explain a lot regarding their New York City hotel room drama last month. TMZ has gotten a few text messages the two reportedly sent one another after the incident, and they could go a long way in helping Sheen. more

Charlie Sheen is suing that whore he kidnapped

Capri Anderson is of course the porn star who no one, even other porn stars, seems to have ever heard of until the police found her locked in Charlie Sheens hotel bathroom last month. She's been quiet about the incident since, until yesterday, when she went on Good Morning America and said Sheen was high and violent that night, adding that he used "racial slurs and put his hands around her throat". Which is why, more

Charlie Sheen did coke naked in a restaurant bathroom

Charlie Sheen was reportedly "naked with cocaine all over his face in a restaurant bathroom" Monday night, and I'm not sure if I'm more surprised that he did this, or that he hasn't been caught doing it more by now. Radar says... "At the restaurant Charlie, his assistant and two male friends, with all their escorts were in a private room. Charlie was wasted," the source said. "At one point he convinced Capri to go more

Charlie Sheen has to pay $12,000 to get laid

Capri Anderson says she isn't a prostitute, but new reports say that not only is she a pro, but she thinks pretty damn highly of herself because she charged Charlie Sheen $12,000 for the night when she ended up locked in a bathroom. Granted that still turned out to be a bargain for him, because he didn't pay it. Charlie was with his assistant Rick and two male friends at Daniel restaurant. He ordered girls more

Charlie Sheens porn star is about to get paid

Capri Anderson, the girl who locked herself in a bathroom Monday night inside Charlie Sheens New York hotel room (and who does softcore and girl-girl porn under this new name but did hardcore under the name Alexis Capri), will ask the DA in Aspen to violate Sheens probation on the grounds that he held her against her will. TMZ says... Anderson claims after she locked herself in the bathroom, Charlie tried getting more

Charlie Sheen had cocaine, naked hooker in his closet

Monday night, while staying at a suite in the Plaza Hotel in New York City, Charlie Sheen thought his prostitute stole his wallet, so he started to freak out and break stuff. Around 2am, the NYPD arrived and found about $7,000 in damage to the room. Oh and Life & Style says they found this too... a prostitute screaming from inside the closet of the hotel room while Sheen was passed out on the bed. "She was more

Charlie Sheen isn't in any trouble whatsoever

(NOTE: watching Hollywood celebrities who are above the law is frustrating, so this Russian model named Kate, who has an impossible boob to waist ratio, is here to brighten everyone's day.) Charlie Sheen has 8 days left on the 3 months of probation he was given after threatening to murder his wife, with one of the stipulations being, "no use of alcohol in excess, or drugs, RX drugs only in prescribed doses; more

Charlie Sheen has be doing cocaine, prostitutes for weeks

Charlie Sheen has been in New York spending time with his ex-wife Denise Richards and their two children, but that doesn't mean he's gonna stop being Charlie Sheen. They have cocaine and prostitutes in New York too, and Charlie Sheen is gonna do as much as he can of each. Radar says... The prostitute who was with Charlie Sheen when he flipped out Monday night and had to be hospitalized has told people that Sheen (was) more

Charlie Sheen is still a violent, drunken asshole

The last time we saw Charlie Sheen, he was having sex with prostitutes in the bed he shares with his wife and threatening to saw off his wife's head, and CBS was laughing about it and giving him a huge new contract for his comedy about raising a child. Sheen never did any jail time for this, naturally, but he did have to spend 30 days in rehab, and wow did it ever work wond oh wait never mind he's still the more

everybody loves charlie sheen, part 3

It was a few hours after midnight on February 5th when Charlie Sheen got a call from OnStar because a Mercedes that belonged to him had driven off the road and settled at the bottom of the canyon near Sherman Oaks. This was news to Sheen because he was asleep at the time and no one else should have been driving the car. LAPD never figured out who was responsible (bet they managed to get a parking ticket on that more

charlie sheen is going to jail

Charlie Sheen made a huge mistake when he ran around the house with a knife and threatened to kill his wife on Christmas Eve, and that mistake of course was that he did it somewhere other than LA. He did it in Aspen, where they have laws, and those laws are applied even to Hollywood stars if you can believe that. People says… Charlie Sheen will plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense and get 30 days jail time, says more

charlie sheen did not shave his head. see.

When the story broke last week that Charlie Sheen shaved his head, his agents wanted to make it clear this wasn't a Britney Spears-type thing. Charlie wasn't crazy. He didn't even shave his head. Just got a short hair cut. So thanks you literal dicks. He didn't literally take a razor and shave his head. Awesome. He also didn't lower his heads prices, or cost his team the game by limiting the number of points his more