she took him back

Less than three weeks ago, Chris Brown beat up Rihanna on their way home from a party the night before the Grammys.  When he got done with her, she looked like this, and her injuries were described like this:There were major contusions on both sides of the singer's face... read more

chris brown to plead self-defense

Rihanna Daily says that Ri has now left Punta Mita, Mexico, after spending Tuesday and Wednesday there to celebrate her 21st ... wait, "Punta"?  Really?  Doesn’t that mean, you know, "vagina"?  Those Mexicans are perverts, but that’s a good way to get people to visit your... read more

rihanna might be pregnant

Star magazine says that Rihanna thought she was pregnant with Chris Browns baby in the days leading up to their fight, but she never told him because she thought he might react badly.  Which makes sense considering he punched her in the eye just for throwing his keys.  ... read more

chris brown is doing great

Every business that has anything to do with Chris Brown has dumped his sorry ass since he beat the hell out of his girlfriend Rihanna three weeks ago.  Now Sony Pictures is running the other way too.  Brown had completed work on a movie called "Bone Deep", starring Paul... read more

oh no

Yikes.  TMZ got the first pic of Rihanna in the hospital after Chris Brown knocked her around on February 8th.   Pic sort of speaks for itself.  She should date someone like me.  I'm sweet as honey.[gallery columns="6"] read more

like it never even happened - UPDATE

It may seem hard to believe considering he put her in the hospital less than two weeks ago, but now it's being reported that Rihanna still speaks to Chris Brown, and friends of hers are even claiming she’s ready to get back together with him. the shock of many, the... read more

chris brown has apologized

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Chris Brown beat the hell out of his girlfriend Rihanna last week, and now, just 7 days later, he's man enough to say he's sorry.  But not so sorry that he's going to an accredited therapist or anything like that.  Because, you know,... read more

chris brown might walk

It now seems possible that Chris Brown will not serve even one day in jail after beating up Rihanna and threatening to kill her.  Despite witnesses who heard the fight and pictures of Rihanna taken after that show, "contusions on the face, swollen eyes, cut lip, bloody... read more

facebook status: single

After almost 4 days of silence, Chris Brown has issued his first statement in regards to him punching out his girlfriend Rihanna and threatening to kill her.  The New York Post says…he posted an update on his private Facebook page reading: "You'll begin to see her true... read more

terrence howard defends chris brown

On his way to dinner in Beverly Hills on Tuesday night, paparazzi caught up with Terrance Howard and asked him what he thought about Chris Brown punching Rihanna in the face and choking her until she blacked out. Howard said he thought it was reprehensible and Brown... read more

she was bruised up last month too

The Us magazine that hits newsstands today claims Chris Brown may have roughed up Rihanna at least once before, and maybe as many as ten million times.  Okay I made up that last part.Brown always had a "volatile" relationship with Rihanna.  A Rihanna confidant adds that... read more

he threatened to kill her

You probably thought the worst had already come out about Chris Brown beating up Rihanna Sunday morning but that was before the revelation that he choked her until she blacked out and threatened to kill her.  See.  Life can be surprising sometimes.  Yahoo and E! Online... read more