chris brown used eye drops to fake cry at the bet awards

By brendon July 01, 2010 @ 12:09 PM

Chris Brown was a big story this week because instead of singing a song like he was supposed to Sunday night at the BET awards, he wandered around stage like an asshole and cried. And for some inexplicable reason he got good press out of that.

Until now at least.

An insider tells Us magazine the crying was fake. Before he took the stage, one of Brown’s bodyguards gave the singer tear-inducing eye drops.
Brown’s rep denies it (but) the witness says Brown definitely used drops. “He rubbed it in and he started crying.”

Hahaha, you suck Chris Brown. Of course he faked it. That dork cried from start to finish and sang like 10 words. People can still sing while they’re crying. Tears aren’t made of poison, you can still open your mouth and say stuff. If you don’t believe me ask my ex about breaking up with me. She couldn’t hear everything of course because I was lying under her tires so she couldn’t leave and mostly screaming, but I think she got the gist of it.

chris brown is a real hero

By brendon June 29, 2010 @ 12:43 PM

Chris Brown was back in the news yesterday, and not because he…

…took his right hand and shoved her head against the passenger window of the vehicle, causing an approximate one-inch raised circular contusion.
“(Rihanna) turned to face Brown and he punched her in the left eye with his right hand. He then drove away in the vehicle and continued to punch her in the face with his right hand while steering the vehicle with his left hand. The assault caused (her) mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle.”

No this time it was because he cried like a little girl with a broken arm Sunday night at the BET awards during a tribute to Michael Jackson. With that in mind, MTV asked around to see if his tears over a completely unrelated topic will somehow make people forget what he did to Rihanna. Alicia Quarles, Associated Press entertainment editor, said…

“You forget what a good performer he is. I think over the past year, so much has been overshadowing that, from his album not selling to him claiming record stores are boycotting him to him being denied entry into Europe. You forget that he’s a triple threat.
Everybody is talking about Chris Brown, and it’s about doing something positive for once.”

Erik Parker, who wrote a cover story on Brown for Vibe, added…

“I think people didn’t want to hear words from him. I don’t think they wanted to hear the words ‘I’m sorry,’. He couldn’t say anything enough; he had to prove it. For people to accept it, they had to first make him pay for it somehow, meaning put him through the wringer and get out all the anger they feel toward him. But he was unable to articulate how truly sorry he felt with just his words.”

Wait what? He was crying about Michael Jackson. What does that have to do with being sorry for beating the shit out of Rhianna. I can’t get over how many girls are ready to forgive this piece of shit. I need to start dating black girls. For one they’re often skinny with huge tits, but more to the point, at least according to this, as long as I don’t set them on fire they seem pretty easy going.

chris brown cries like a girl

By brendon June 28, 2010 @ 3:18 PM

Chris Brown performed a Michael Jackson tribute last night at the BET Awards, though a more accurate way to describe it would be to say that he cried uncontrollably while wandering aimlessly around the stage. What an asshole this guy is. This was supposed to be an entertainment extravaganza. Way to waste everyone’s time dickhead. Be a professional for Christs sake. Poor sweet Chris was so sad about the pedophile that he couldn’t sing any of Michaels shitty music that doesn’t stand the test of time anyway so who gives a shit. To be honest I got a little choked up too, but then I remembered I wasn’t a little girl holding my dolly and watching ‘Bridge to Terabithia’.

hahaha, you suck chris brown

By brendon June 08, 2010 @ 1:30 PM

I don’t mean to get all PC on everyone but I don’t think you should hold women prisoner in your car and then punch them in the face 50 times. Maybe I’m old fashioned and can’t relate to todays young people, but I think that’s wrong. So I was angry when Chris Brown did this to Rihanna and yet never spent one day in jail (hey where did this take place again? was it LA? oh gee there’s a fuckin surprise).

But, if he didn’t suffer a real punishment, at least his half-assed punishment is dragging on for a long time. Like this for example.

Officials in the United Kingdom today announced that they have barred Chris Brown from entering the country for a concert due to his vicious 2009 attack on his former girlfriend.
“We reserve the right to refuse entry to the U.K. to anyone guilty of a serious criminal offence. Public safety is one of our primary concerns,” Britain’s Home Office said in a statement. “Each application to enter the U.K. is considered on its individual merits.”
Needless to say, Brown was found meritless.
“SORRY to all the fans in Europe!!! my tour is cancelled. Im pretty sure yall know. my entry was denied in your country. I love you. SORRY!!” Brown (said on twitter).

It’s so satisfying to see Browns career fall apart. Rihanna is doing great, and she’ll probably be everywhere again this summer with that Eminem song, but the only way Chris Breezy is gettin on the radio is if he stands on one.

rihanna might have chosen another chris brown

By brendon January 21, 2010 @ 5:17 PM


Girls take it personally when you punch them in the face a dozen times like Chris Brown did to Rihanna last February, so she left him, eventually. Things seemed to be picking up for her just a few weeks ago, when she was seen in Mexico with Matt Kemp of the LA Dodgers. He has to be better than Brown, right? Um, well…

a Star investigation reveals that Matt has been accused of having his own anger management issues, including violence toward women.
In June 2008, actress Felisha Terrell filed a restraining order against the 6’4″, 220-lb. ballplayer accusing him of threatening, intimidating and stalking her. “He is violent and I am afraid.”
Rihanna’s friends are afraid, too.
“You’d think after what she went through with Chris, RiRi would be extra careful … It’s almost as if she has a dark side, an attraction to bad boys.”

They say people can do this sort of thing. If Rihanna is attracted to angry, abusive guys, she’ll find and date an angry, abusive guy, even though by all outward appearances he seems perfectly normal. The same way girls with low-self esteem can identify and latch on to sexual predators all too eager to take advantage of that (*).

(*) “don’t I know it, heh-heh-heh”

rihanna and her new man are getting close

By brendon January 07, 2010 @ 11:16 AM


It would have been a lot more interesting if the Mexican Super Mario (as seen above) was Rihannas new lover, and they were gettin it on during their vacation in Cabo, but I don’t think he’s the one. I think it’s that bo’d up black dude. He sort of looks like Chris Brown to be honest. And I don’t mean that in a, “all black guys look alike” kind of way, I just mean … um. No actually that is how I meant it. Seriously why do so many black guys look alike?

(source = splash news online)