chris brown cries like a girl

Chris Brown performed a Michael Jackson tribute last night at the BET Awards, though a more accurate way to describe it would be to say that he cried uncontrollably while wandering aimlessly around the stage. What an asshole this guy is. This was supposed to be an entertainment extravaganza. Way to waste everyone's time dickhead. Be a professional for Christs sake. Poor sweet Chris was so sad about the pedophile more

hahaha, you suck chris brown

I don't mean to get all PC on everyone but I don't think you should hold women prisoner in your car and then punch them in the face 50 times. Maybe I'm old fashioned and can't relate to todays young people, but I think that's wrong. So I was angry when Chris Brown did this to Rihanna and yet never spent one day in jail (hey where did this take place again? was it LA? oh gee there's a fuckin surprise). But, if more

rihanna might have chosen another chris brown

Girls take it personally when you punch them in the face a dozen times like Chris Brown did to Rihanna last February, so she left him, eventually. Things seemed to be picking up for her just a few weeks ago, when she was seen in Mexico with Matt Kemp of the LA Dodgers. He has to be better than Brown, right? Um, well... a Star investigation reveals that Matt has been accused of having his own anger management issues, more

rihanna and her new man are getting close

It would have been a lot more interesting if the Mexican Super Mario (as seen above) was Rihannas new lover, and they were gettin it on during their vacation in Cabo, but I don't think he's the one. I think it's that bo'd up black dude. He sort of looks like Chris Brown to be honest. And I don't mean that in a, "all black guys look alike" kind of way, I just mean … um. No actually that is how I meant it. Seriously more

thursday afternoon headlines

Todays headlines are sponsored by Barney, the fattest Dalmatian in England. He's not the fattest black and white mix breed in England though. Hint hint, Mariah Carey. (barney pix here and here and here. source = splash) DAVID FINCHER - was called in to create a menu screen for the BluRay release of ‘Fight Club', so he copied the one from 'Never Been Kissed' starring Drew Barrymore. He meant it as a joke, but they more

monday afternoon headlines

AVATAR - will have cost around $500 million when it hits screens next month, so it's already breaking records as the most expensive movie ever made, and the one people most regret investing in. WTF is this nonsense? (la times) RIHANNA - is a little tattle-tale, according to Chris Brown, who thinks she should have kept her mouth shut after he punched her in the face a few dozen times. Instead she went and more

very bad is getting very worse for chris brown

Stuff about Rihannas GMA interview, which is uncut tonight on 20/20, should have been up yesterday but this is depressing. And part 2 this morning got even worse. Here she talks about what actually happened in the car when he started hitting her. And if that wasn't bad enough, spell check recommends "rhinos" when you misspell "Rihanna". That shit is racist! Yesterday she admitted she did go back to Brown "eight more

thursday afternoon headlines

DAVID LETTERMAN - is now a woman. Or at least will be during the 'Law and Order' episode about a talk show host who gets blackmailed after having affairs with members of her staff. I know what you're thinking. "Wow this post got surprisingly boring considering it started out by saying ‘David Letterman is now a woman.'" Yeah sorry about that. (e! online) JON GOSSELIN - is so screwed. The law firm representing TLC more

punching girls is good excercise

Picking up trash because you punch girls in the face got a little bit sexier today when Chris Brown took off his shirt after a hard day of court ordered public service. He's a jackass but he's got good abs, I'll give him that. Back in Louisiana, I had a black friend named Curtis and he was built like one of the X-Men, like 220 pounds and all ripped out for no reason. As if his mom had been raped by a bear more

Chris Brown does remember now

Chris Brown is furious today over rumors that he can't remember the night when he beat the shit out of Rihanna (you better watch your back, rumors. Chris Brown will choke a bitch). He issued a statement to People magazine last night, and this Chris Brown wants to make it clear that he does remember hitting Rihanna, and that the Chris Brown who was on Larry King was lying when he said he didn't. "There have more

Chris Brown doesn't remember

Chris Brown has recorded an interview with Larry King to air Wednesday night, and in this preview clip Brown says he doesn't remember the night when he "punched (Rihanna) in the left eye. He then drove away and continued to punch her in the face ... (this) caused her mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle." What he told Rihanna that night was: "I am more

Chris Brown was violent before

When Chris Brown was sentenced yesterday to 5 years' probation and 6 months' of community service for beating Rihanna on February 8th, the judge also refused Rihannas request to strike down the order demanding Brown stay at least 300 yards away from her at all times. Equally surprising was that the judge confirmed reports that Brown had been violent before. The Daily Mail says... A probation report prepared more

Afternoon Headlines

JOHN GOSSELIN - filmed scenes today for "John and Kate Plus 8" where the adorable kids sell lemonade to raise money for a fire station and he wears a shirt that says "Lies Lies Lies...". "Because screw those kids," John probably thought to himself. " It's not '8 Plus John'. Me me me!" CHRIS BROWN - will be sentenced today, at 2pm pct, after pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna. He's expected to get 180 days more

Chris Brown y/n?

I don't know who the hell Kyle is, but he's the undisputed leader when it comes to sending tips to poorly written websites. Radar, TMZ and the Sun all mention today that, despite a court order commanding him to stay 50 yards away at all times, Chris Brown waited in an SUV last night across the street while Rihanna had dinner at Via Dei Mille in New York. And five days ago, they both checked into the more

Chris Brown is really sorry

Chris Brown has turned to YouTube to make his first at length public statement about the night he punched Rihanna in the face a hundred times. He says he's incredibly sorry and asks Rihanna and the public for their forgiveness, and it's all pretty convincing, but what did you think he was gonna say? "That bitch had it comin. I warned her not to fuck with me." I have no idea if he's sorry. People fuck up. They go more