Chris Brown's Celebrity Felon Kick Ball Raises Eleven Dollars (VIDEO)

Only mostly everybody at Chris Brown's Kick'N' It for Charity Celebrity Kickball game in Glendale had rap sheets. Chris, DJ Khaled, The Game, and a few other charitable fellows famous for drugs and beating women showed up for a cause nobody could actually name. Paris... read more

Christina Milian In A Bikini

Don't forget Christina Milian. I think she still occasionally sings and looks scared in bad horror movies. She was recently a contestant on Dancing With the Stars signifying her professional career has one foot in the grave. But you're never going to fade when you look... read more

Christina Milian In A Bikini For Memorial Day Weekend In Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Christina Milan/Instagram [gallery guid=803633] read more

Paris Hilton's Fourth Of July Party

Paris Hilton was the life of the beach party at her 4th of July event. She expertly performed her six standard poses with smiles, wore an American flag skirt given to her by the Emir of Qatar after an evening spent trying to translate the word 'herpes' into Arabic, and... read more