By brendon August 18, 2006 @ 2:57 PM

Christina Ricci decided the best way for her to get a role in the movie "Black Snake Moan" was to send sexually explicit photos of herself to the director.  The Sun UK quotes her as saying:

“My agent inundated writer/director Craig Brewer with photo shoots I’d done that are pure sex shoots.”

Ricci got the part as the town slut and spends most of the movie half naked while Sam Jackson tries to save her by chaining her to a radiator and Justin Timberlake tries to save her by unchaining her from a  radiator.    But Sam Jackson is the hero, so I guess it's okay when he does it.  But suddenly I'm a jerk and Christina's lawyers have to threaten me after sending "two dozen sexually suggestive emails".  Oh please.  Don't be so dramatic.  Since when is 23 "two dozen".