Maitland Ward Painted Bare Jugs

If Comic-Con is anything, it's a celebration of how nerd culture now dominates much of mainstream film and television entertainment. Also how women with more tits than options flock to the event to show off in hardly any clothes and then bitch about how grabby everybody... read more

Adrianne Curry Beats Up Sexual Harassers at Comic-Con

It's so sad when something as beautiful as the pure unadulterated commercialization of Hollywood fare becomes corrupted by the ugliness of handsy nerds. But it's happened. Scantily clad women in homemade superhero costumes are being touched, cat-called, and even... read more

Mexican Prostitutes In Pasties Scare Nerds at Comic-Con

As hip and cool as the days at Comic-Con, much like the Spring Break in Lauderdale or United Nations junkets, it's what happens after the sun goes down that really defines the craziness. Seventeen virgin males assembled at the Sin City 2 party to witness girls bussed in... read more

New York Has a Comic-Con Too

Comic conventions and fanboy events are the perfect place for not so attractive girls to costume up and feel the drooling gaze of a thousand pudgy horny pale men. If that's your thing. And why the fuck not. Pudgy horny pale men tend to have jobs and decent credit and no... read more

Phoebe Price Dresses Like Black Widow For Comic-Con

Here's everything I hate about Comic-Con. Phoebe Price is about as alluring as a run-over squirrel. But she gets attention outside Comic-Con as a dime store Black Widow while Scarlett Johansson is whisked through the Convention Center back door to a tightly scheduled... read more

Adrianne Curry Is Still The Best At Comic-Con

Former Top Model winner Adrianne Curry returned to Comic Con 2013 in San Diego this year to defend her title as the Best Girl Who Walks Around In Really Tight Outfits With Her Tits Partially Hanging Out To Tease Those Poor Nerds So They Can't Stand Up For The Next 20... read more

Friday headlines, with Vanessa Minnillos honeymoon

BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD - will return to MTV later this year, and now there's a 5 minute preview of the new season. In related news, Pauly Shore will box a kangaroo this weekend at the Des Moines Chevrolet "Dealin Days". (hollywood reporter) STEVEN SPIELBERG - made his first... read more