Olga Kuryleno is amazing, attainable

Danny Huston is a perfectly capable and likable actor (among many other parts he played Stryker in ‘Wolverine') and he's the son of legendary director John Huston, but he apparently dates Olga Kurylenko, the hot girl from ‘Quantum of Solace' and ‘Hitman', and that's amazing because she is way way way out of his league. She's so beautiful she doesn't even have to be an actress; she could charge guys to piss and shit on...read more


Danny Huston is one of those actors that most movie fans would recognize but even they might not know his name. You may have last seen him in "30 Days of Night" or in the John Adams miniseries on HBO, and he has a pretty huge role in the upcoming XMen Wolverine movie as Col. William Stryker. Today’s he in the news because his divorce became final. And by that I mean his ex jumped off a roof. The Daily Mail says......read more