Dave Navarro Banging Fox News Hostess

Dave Navarro hooked up with Fox News hostess Andrea Tantaros just to prove that rock stars truly can nail whoever they want. Sometimes the axiom needs to be tested. It's been a while since Ozzy was death warmed over and still pulling hot groupie chick tail nightly. A Fox News anchor is a big get. It's God's promise that if you learn guitar and grow your hair long, you will be rewarded with pussy until the day they...read more

Dave Navarro And Carmen Electra Probably Had Sex Again

The 2014 Golden Gods Awards took place last night in Los Angeles, and the event was such a huge celebration of the year's best in Heavy Metal that it aired exclusively on a VH1 live feed. And if you missed it last night, or you're a purist who can only watch meaningless awards shows on TV, you only have to wait another month until VH1 Classic airs some highlights of the show. Fortunately, Peter Pan rocker Dave Navarro...read more

Dave Navarro Is Just Hanging Out

Dave Navarro has played guitar for some of the biggest rock bands and stars in the world, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers and currently Jane's Addiction, so he's used to making a spectacle of himself on stage. Earlier this week, the 45-year old put on a different kind of show, though, as he hit the stage at Room 86 in Los Angeles for what he called his "first public suspension", and what he means is that he likes...read more


Carmen Electra ex and fruity little weasel Dave Navarro is directing an adult film for Teravision, the company owned by pornstar Tera Patrick and her husband, Biohazard bassist Evan Seinfeld. I love that term "adult film" - makes you think as soon as you turn 18 it's all limber Asian chicks and triple penetration. From Mavrixonline: "Set for a September 27 release, Broken stars Sasha Grey [pictured] as 'a woman torn...read more